April 19, 2024

Dear JFCS Family,

As Passover approaches, many people will take stock in our freedom. We will give thanks for all we have and pray for those less fortunate. We are taught to be grateful for the blessings in our life and to look toward a time of peace and togetherness. After all, this is something that everyone needs – lives filled with happiness, health, and hope.

Every day our staff works to bring peace and freedom to our clients. They may be looking for freedom from hunger, mental illness, domestic violence, or other issues. Regardless of the client and their struggles, one reality is true. They are not alone. We are there to advocate, escort, and support each of our clients with dignity and respect.

Jewish Family & Children’s Service is here to serve those in need and ensure that our vulnerable community members don’t fall through the cracks. I draw strength and inspiration from our amazing team of volunteers.  This week alone, our remarkable team of 61 volunteers delivered 846 meals, 115 treat bags, and 22 grocery bags to 77 different households. Together, through their collective efforts, we have made a significant impact and brought comfort and nourishment to those during the Passover holiday.   Click here to see some pictures of our amazing volunteers during our Passover deliveries.

Passover is a special time within our community and providing people the opportunity to celebrate and observe is such a blessing. The selflessness, hard work, and dedication of our volunteers makes such a difference in the lives of those in need.  However, it couldn’t happen without the tireless hard work of our staff: Sherri Jonas, Miranda Mason, Ashly Weingart, Cara Galob, Gail Belfer and Meri Seligman.

I want to thank our volunteers, staff, and all of you who help our clients find peace and freedom.  Together, we help people to help themselves and bring hope and healing to those in need. 

Wishing all who celebrate a “Zissen” Pesach and wishing everyone peace and love on this Shabbat and always!

All my best,

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