JFCS gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our donors (those who donate up to $499). Your support enables us to maintain and expand our services and programs to the community.

Listed below are contributions made during Fiscal Year 2021 (10/01/20 – 09/30/21).
If we have omitted or incorrectly listed your contribution,
please accept our apologies and know that your giving is truly appreciated. 


Brad and Suzanne Abrams
Fred and Eileen Abrams
Jeffrey and Ruth Abrams
Suzi and JD Abrams
Adath Emanu-El Sisterhood
Sara Ader
Barry Adler
Reta and Brian Adler
Shelley Adler
Gail Alba
Nicole Alessi
Dawn Anderson
Marie Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Andersen
Steven and Linda Angstreich
Susan and Jonathan Anolik
Anonymous (59)
Amy Appel
Jerry and Janice Apple
Marie Argentina
Jill and Jesse Arnstein
Dr. Phillip and Nila Aronow
William and Jill Anthony
Sara Asbell
Jan Augustine
David and Susan Backal
Jerome and Gloria Baer
Danny Bagelle
Liz Baim and Sam Bierig
Harriet and Marshall Baker
Carol & Paul Balbresky
Bob & Anita Bank
Barry and Judy Bannett
Salvatore Barabuscio
Bill and Flossie Baranoff
Maria Barbieri
Melvin and Vilma Bard
Randi and Bruce Bard
Lanni and Sarah Barkow
Andrew and Vivian Barnett
Arnold and Ellen Barnett
Robert and Nancy Barsky
Rena and Jerry Barta
Drs. Edward and Marcia Baruch
Mickey Bassman
Caren and Scott Batterman
Stanley and Louise Baum
Senator James and Linda Beach
Taylor Beatty
Mindi Beaver
Allen Beck
Jennifer Bedrosian
Lauren Beetle
Joel Belfer
Carol and Ted Bell
Marilyn Bell
Edward and Judith Bender
Jeff and Celestine Berg
Alessandra and Mitchell Berger
Robin Berger
Grace and Lawrence Bergman
Bruce and Jane Berkowitz
Steven and Alayne Berkowitz
Fred and Shelli Berlinsky
Toby and Leonard Berman
Carlos Bermeo and Shanna Manger
Lawrence Bernard
Rebecca Bernstein
Berwind Corporation
Best Taxi – Garry Goldberg
Myrna Birnbaum
Donna Bittner
Amy and Andrew Blackstone
Jerry and Karen Bliss
Drs. Andrew and Beth Blumenthal
Francine and Mark Boardman
Melissa Bodie
Dr. Richard and Ruth Bogutz
Bob and Myrna Bookbinder
Eric and Elissa Boory
Jayson Borenstein
Steven and Allison Borenstein
Barbara Borger
Barry Boss
Chris and Ronit Boyd
Scott and Amy Brandt
Anne Breikss
Debra Brenner
Randi and Howard Bresalier
Laura Brett
Marti and Isaac Brettler
David and Michelle Brill
Stephen and Lisa Brodack
Amy Brody
Donna Broecker
Dr. Robert and Michelle Bross
Brenda and Fredric Brotz
Tracy and Jeffrey Brown
Naomi Brownstein
Jennifer Brumbaugh
Abby Budman
Ilene and Drew Burach
Arthur Butenskyng
Maxine and David Butler
Stephanie and Chuck Cahn
Brian Caine
Campbell Soup Foundation
Jeannine Cancelliere
Matt Cannon and Jessie Burns
Ellen Cantrowitz
David and Karin Caplin
Mary Caravello
Richard Case
Jeff and Staci Cedar
Laura Ann Lola Cerini
Sandee and Robert Chalik
Renee Charytan
Carrie and Orin Chein
Michael Cherkas
Susan and Paul Cherkas
Paul Chick
David and Margie Chodikoff
David Choi
Steve and Eileen Chopnick
Rivka and Scott Chudnoff
Grace Chung
Frances and Robert Chvala
Amy and Eric Clayman
Phyllis Clurman
Scott and Kim Coffina
Alan Cohen and Shari Brown
Alan and Sharon Cohen
Anat and Adam Cohen
Carly Cohen
Elizabeth Cohen
Faith and Dennis Cohen
Janet and Elliott Cohen
Dr. Mark and Rhoda Cohen
Mitchell and Ferne Cohen
Rhonda Cohen
Robin Cohen
Sherrie and Jeffrey Cohen
Stephen and Ruth Cohen
Susan and Keith Cohen
Wendy Cohen
Cohen and Mason Families
        in honor of Dana Meyers
Wendy Cohen-Klier
Dorothy Cohen-Oustatcher and
        Andrew Oustatcher
Robin and Steve Cohn
Harriet and Maxwell Colby
Arlene and Harris Colton
Joya Comer
Congregation M’Kor Shalom
Alysa Cooper
Stanley and Jodi Cooper
CORY Communications Inc.
Michelle Costello
Bernard and Jill Coval
Timothy Cubbage
Helene and Steven Cullen
Kathleen Cullen
Alyece and Steve Cummings
Mitch and Nicole Cwanger
Jennifer DaCunha
The Damerau Family
Cindy and Alan Dannenbaum
Dr. Richard and Wilma Dannenbaum
Rochelle and Jeff Dashevsky
Lewis Dauer
Renee Davidson-Cohen
Karyn and Martin Davis
Meryl Davis
Paul and Lois Davis
Debbie Deissroth
Maris Delano
Marvin and Brenda Delfiner
Renee and Sammy Deluca
Leonard Denbo
Jill Denenberg
Selma Denenberg
Neil and Stephanie Derman
Mariedel DeVitis
Ceil and Kolman Diamond
Tracey Diamond
David Dickherber
Shari Dickstein
Anna Marie DiNardo
Robert DiSalvatore
Ellen and Jerry Dolchin
Marsha Z. Dollinger
Gail and Dick Donner
Wendy Dortona
Claire Drachman
Barbara and Richard Drew
Brenda and Charles Driben
Matthew Driscoll
Robyn Duberstein
Rande Dubrow
Kelly Dugan
John and Denise Dunckley
Bernard and Janis Dunn
Maggie, Ed, & Marc Duyan
Jerry and Sandy Ehrlich
Jo-Ann and Sandy Ehrlich
Kenneth Ehrlich
Alan Eichberg
Karen and Albert ElGrissy
Liliana Elkouss
Selma Ellis
Brian Enda
Joel and Janet Enda
Michael and Nanci Epstein
Dr. Samuel and Judith Epstein
Rabbi Lewis Eron and Gail Trachtenberg
Carrie and Rowland Escritor
Justin Ettelson
Gilda Everts and Family
Dana and Mark Fallick
Amalia Fantasia
Craig and Yael Farr
Phyllis and Paul Fau
Ellen and Martin Faye
Jim and Shirley Feigenbaum
Emily Feinberg
Miriam Feinman
Judy and Bernie Feinstein
Bob and Mariam Feist
Arlene and Bob Feldman
Merle Feldman
Barry and Donna Felker
Carole and Jeffrey Felt
Doug and Mindy Fendrick
Dr. Jeffrey and Stephanie Fendrick
Fendrick & Morgan, LLC
Ferdas Family
Valli Ferrara-Chapjian
Liz Fetzko
Andrew Finberg
Gordon and Stella Fink
Drs. Nathan and Karen Fink
Alan and Cheryl Finkelstein
Marcia and Robert Fisch
Elizabeth Fischer
Beth Fisher
Kyle Fisher
Wendy Fisher
Daniel Fishman
Kate and Alex Flaxman
Elaine and Fred Fleisher
Thomas Foglia
Irma and Roy Foreman
Rhona Forgang
Nancy Forman
Steven and Lois Forman
Al and Bobbi Fox
Alan Fox
Missy and Bill Fox
Richard and Judy Franken
Gregg Freedman
Julie Freedman
Mindi Freedman
Richard and Andrea Freedman
Wendy Freedman
Lisa Freeman
Sheri Frey
Michael and Cheryl Friedenberg
Alan Friedman
Barbara and Harold Friedman
Dr. Bart and Vivian Friedman
Linda Friedman
Sheri and Jason Friedman
Mark Friedrich
Friends of The Meyers Family
Donna Frumento
Glenn Fuhrman
Ellen Furman
Douglas and Laura Gaffney
Agnes Gancz
Andrew and Lori Garber
Luis Garcia
Larry and Sandy Gardner
Carl Gassell
Dr. Alan and Susan Geisler
Zach Gelb
Lisa and Sam Gershenfeld
Cindy Gerson
Michael and Jennifer Gerstein
Joe and Debby Gesmondi
Bernadette Gismonde
Dr. Phillip and Joanne Glass
Susan and Michael Glassman
Nella Glick
Etta Glickman
Michele Glik
Phillip Godorov
Herbert Goldberg
Jordan and Kari Goldberg
Linda and Ross Goldberg
Michele and Alan Goldberg
Mitchell and Stacey Goldberg
Paula Goldberg and Larry Desmond
Wayne and Jennifer Goldenberg
Mikhail Goldin and Alla Goldin
Andi Goldman
Lynn Goldman Paul and Stephen Paul
David Goldstein
Elizabeth Goldstein
Janis Goldstein
Joanne Goldstein
Stuart and Jacqueline Goldstein
The Goldstein Family
Alexa and Anthony Golub
Barbara Goodfriend
Allen Goodman
Todd Goodman
Eliza Gordon
Rona and Harold Gordon
Julie Gottenberg
Andrea Gottlieb
Drs. Vicente and Wendy Gracias
Fred and Jacquelyn Grayer
Jennifer and Jason Green
Roger and Margie Green
Sharon and Ben Green
Adam and Kimberly Greenberg
Howard and Jessica Greenfield
Gail Greenman
Adam and Leslie Greenspan
Michael Greenspun
Sam Grodofsky
Barry and Myra Gross
Valerie and Laurence Gross
Allison and James Grossman
Dr. Andrew and Melissa Grossman
Howard Grossman
Stanley Grossman
Billy Gruss
Frank and Kelly Guiliano
Sunita Gupta
Matt and Chris Gurkin
Doreen Solito Guss
Julie Guterman
Leslie Hack
Sara Hackmyer
Neil Haimm
Jason Hamlin
Harlequin Enterprises
Katie Hartman
David Hassman
Eileen Head
Stephen and Melissa Heaney
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Hecht
Dara and Garrick Heidt
Wendy Heller
Jean Herman
Shirley Herron
Genevieve Hill
Robert Hirsch and Jamie Dollinger
Edward and Deborah Hochberg
Cantor Anita Hochman and Robyn Sole
Kenneth and Sherri Hoffman
John and Sara Honovich
Richard Hughes
Jill and David Hulnick
Shari and Carl Hyder
Carol and Jeff Hyman
IDM Works
Natalie Illiano
James Imbriaco
In Memory of Justin (lm)
International Food solutions
Marc and Dawnna Isdaner
Marcy and Daniel Isdaner
Deena and Martin Iskowitz
Brad and Roberta Israelsky
Judith Ivler
Galina Ivnitsky and Dimitry Sher
Christopher and Pamela Jackson
Barbara and Mark Jacobs
Cory and Mindie Jacobs
Nadine Jacobson
Kathleen Jastrzembski
Paula and Mitchell Jayson
Jean G. Jennings
Barbara Jonas
Sherri and Howard Jonas
John and Maxine Jones
Josh Josephs
Nancy Jussen
Joel and Susan Kaber
Hope and Stuart Kadesh
Sharon and Michael Kahn
Ursula and Arnold Kahn
Mr. Rina Kalbacher
Sallie Kalick
Adam and Kimberly Greenberg
Kaminer Financial Group Ltd.
Jennifer Kanarek
Itzhak Kapilevitch
Rosalind and Michael Kaplan
Martha and Frank Karasick
Michael Kaslof
Abby Kass
Jill and David Kastenberg
Jack and Dolores Katinsky
Louis and Fran Katz
Robin and Lawrence Kaufman
Rachel Kaufmann
Ceil Keim
Michael and Becky Kelberg
Doris Kertzner
Caren and David Kessler
        Family Foundation
Margery and Steven Kessler
Rose Kidd
Cheryl Kier
Helen Kirschbaum
Dorothy Klein
Jamie Klein
Kenneth Klein
Michelle and Ben Klein
Sue and Larry Klein
Cyndi and Ric Kleinbart
Elaine Kleinman
Steven Klier
Richard and Roz Knopf
Luann Kogel
Estate of Harvey Konkin
Rona and Stephen Kornfeld
Jeff and Leslie Koslow
Cyndee and Mitch Kotler
Deborah and Robert Kotzen
Allison Kramer
Amy and Kurt Kramer
Bruce Kramer
Cindy and Steve Kramer
Harvey and Minna Kramer
Jane Kramer
Jordan Kramer
Brett and Robyn Kratchman
Jodi and Michael Kratchman
Aaron and Stephanie Krause
Doris and Charles Krauss
Maggie Kreer
Robin and Marc Krefetz
Rachel and A.J. Kreimer
Marcelo and Martha Kreisel
Sara and Jason Kreisman
Elisa Kreitzman
Linda Kronemeyer
Maris and Tamara Kukainis
Scott and Eileen Kuptsow
Alfred and Rachel Kurz
Sandra Kushner and Keith Davies
Ross Lambersky
Colleen Lason
Gail and Richard Lassman
Jennifer and Andrew Laver
Brett and Anne Lawrence
Elise and Lewis Lazarus
Michael and Dolores Le Dent
David and Cheryl Lebowitz

Marie and Jim Lentz
Cynthia Leporati
Asher Levenberg
Wendy Levenkron
Carol Leventhal
Steve and Kim Lever
Janet and Charles Levey
Laura and Gary Levi
Anne and Elliot Levin
Benjamin and Jessica Levin
Susan Bass Levin
Bruce Levin and Elizabeth Helfer
Gail and Brett Levin
Mr. Michael Levin
Aileen Levine
Howard S. Levine, CPA
Linda Levine
Liz Levine
Marci and Jason Levine
Rebecca Levine
Dr. Richard and Janet Levine
Susan and Howard Levine
The Levine Family
Andrew and Phyllis Levitas
Rich Levitov
Bruce and Ellen Levy
Dr. Warren and Becky Levy
Michael and Arlene Lewis
Nancy and Jim Lewis
Ricki and Mark Libeskind
Mark and Roz Lichterman
Dr. Joe and Sandi Lichtman
Lichtman Assoc. Real Estate, Inc.
Carole and Jules Lieberman
Karen and Ed Lieberman
Sol Liebman
Allison and Jeremy Lindemann
Rabbi Steven and Jane Lindemann
Mindy Lipson
Christina Lisi
Bella and Eugene Litvin
Pamela and Paul Litwack
Sheri and Barry Livstone
Andi Loew
Daniel and Rachel Loew
Michelle and Benjamin Lore
Jackie Lovenworth
Suzanne and Jeffrey Lubin
Natalie Lucas
Arlene Ludin
Joel and Carole Lukoff
Joyce Luria
Brian & Lori MacHenry
Allan and Suzanne Magaziner
Shirley Malitz
Barbara and Robert Malkin
Lauren Mandel
Ruth and Marc Manin
Myra and Alan Manus
Nancy and Richard Manzo
Alex Marchuk
Carol Marder
Howard Marder
Barbara and Stephen Markowitz
Karen and Bruce Marks
Cindy Marselis
Janeene Martin
Joan Martin
Martine, Katz Scanlon &
        Schimmel Family Law
Lori Matuza
The Maurer Family
Tanya May
Tatjana May
Kelli McNamara & Danielle Murphy
Maranna Meehan
Debbie and Nelson Mellitz
Laura Merkin and Arnold Cohen
Wendy and Rickey Metviner
Fred and Rima Meyer
Sheila Michalski
Charles Middleberg
Lesley and Steven Mignogna
Barbara Miller
Catherine Miller
Elise Miller
Jordan and Jessica Miller
Karen Miller
Morton and Joan Miller
Jane Millner
Marc and Andrea Millstein
Bata and Brian Milosh
Aleksey Mints
Naomi and Seth Mirowitz
Thomas and Sari Mirsen
Andrew Mitnick
Linda and Dennis Mitnick
Randee and Alan Moldoff
Ruth Monsky
Stephen Montgomery
Amy Moore
Holly and Jerry Moradi
Paula & Lowell Moritz
Jennifer Mosher
Elaine Moskowitz
Mitchell and Susan Mullen
John Murdoch II
Danielle Murphy
Ms. Michelle Myers
Nancy Myers
Barry and Ellen Nachimson
Donna and Ehud Nahum
Carmella Narciso
Larry Natelson and Estherose Heyman
Amy Nathanson
Greg and everyone at Nave Newell
Beth and Behrooz Nazer
Jeffrey Needleman
Deena and Michael Neuwirth
New Friends Society
Rony and Marcia Newfield
Eric and Linda Newman
Karen and Ed Newman Lieberman
Mr. and Mrs. James Newsom Jr. and Sr
Paula and Larry Ninerell
Patricia and Scott Noar
Barbara and Philip Nochumson
Rita Obrien
Marjorie and Peter Ochroch
Claire O’Connell
Laura O’Dell
Marissa O’Donnell
Susan and David Olinsky
Sandi Olszewski & David Anshel
Mark Onbashian
Kathleen and Patrick O’Neill
Craig N. Oren
Lisa and Jonathan Orenstein
Rose Orichowskyj
Leona Oriolo
Dr. Jonathan and Carol Orwitz
Evelyn Osherow
Dolores Osisek
Rachael Satanoff Ovitz
Paul Osisek and Whei Ming Su
Sandy and Herbert Ostach
Manali Pai
Michelle Palys
Dr. Edward and Carol Papish
Daniel Parmet
Elizabeth Patton
Rose and Richard Payton
Madeleine Pearl
Manny and Nancy Pearl
Steven Pearl
Judi and Howard Peltzman
Laurel and Jared Peltzman
Tom and Donna Perch
Robert and Nancy Perilstein
Kristen and Lee Perlman
Cheryl Perpetua
Ross and Linda Peterzell
Jessica and Mike Petkov
Julie Piaker
Joanne and Josep Pino
Ilene Pinsker
Rena Platt-Goldstein
Nathan and Gail Plevinsky
Diane and Paul Pliner
Ellen and Ira Podell
Matthew and Lee Podolnick
Madeline and Barry Polansky
Gary and Suzanne Polikoff
Politz Day School of Cherry Hill
Allyson and Adam Pollack
Tina Pollaro
Sharath Ponnamaneni
Rahmat and Esther Rabizadeh
Martin Raffner and Gail Miller
Jessica Rago
Renee Ramick
Minna Recht
Rebecca Redel
Robin and Ron Reisman
Joel Respes
Eileen Reyes
Karen Richter
Stuart and Theresa Richter
Toby Ring
Deborah and Michael Ringold
Abraham Ripps
Hinda Ritigstein
Sharon and Steven Ritz
Kenneth Rivkind
Judy Robbins
June Robins
Travis Robins
Janet and Mark Rochkind
Phyllis Rones
Leon and Donna Rose
Maryellen Rose
Ilene Rosen and Todd Rowan
Jane Rosen
Joanne Rosen
Philip and Iris Rosen
Richard Rosen
Rebecca Rosenau
Seth and Marisa Rosenbaum
Howard Rosenblatt
Ben and Mindy Rosenblum
Robert and Lauren Rosenfeld
Sheila Rosenfield
Ari Rosenthal
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Rosof
William Roth
Dr. Marc and Phyllis Rothman
Alexander Rothschild
Sidney and Ellen Rothschild
Perry M. Rubin
Caryn Rubinstein
Shirley and Morton Rubinstein
Joanne Ruckel
Lauren and Joel Rudin
Jim and Robin Rudofker
Joachim and Gerrie Rudoler
Renee Rudolph and David Lieberman
Mary Jane and Terry Ruggles
Elaine Ruthen
Michael Sacks
Jennifer and Ron Safier
Michael Sakala
Leona Saline
Joanne Salins
Judy Saslow and Kenneth Klausman
Dina Sassano
Dennis and Jane Satanoff
Shira and Brian Scanlon
Dennis Scardigli
Helene and Steven Scharf
Eitan Scheinthal
Dr. Stephen and Michelle Scheinthal
Steven and Gail Scherzer
Dr. Barry and Naomi Schimmer
Dr. David and Karen Schlessel
Mindy and Michael Schorr
Ronni and Joel Schreiber
Lawrence Schrier
Wendy Schugardt
Rita Schuldiner
Harriet S. Schulman
Yoni Schwab
Alix Schwartz
Arlene Schwartz
Barbara and Elliot Schwartz
Betsy and Bob Schwartz
Bonnie Schwartz
Eric and Lara Schwartz
Linda and Theodore Schwartz
Sallilyn Schwartz
Michael and Karen Schwartzman
David and Lucy Schwarz
Pauline and David Schwarz
Rhonda and Glen Schwarzschild
Lynda Searles
TW Sedgwick
Ann and Robert Segal
Gail and Richard Selznick
Richard and Stephanie Serata
Tom and Lynne Sergi
Leslie Serlen
Peter A. Serratore and Jane M. Saffici
Rivka Shakow and Allen Beck
Dr. Gary and Faye Shapiro
Judith Shapiro
Rachelle Shapiro
Richard and Jacquelene Shapiro
Theodora Shapiro
Stephen and Sheila Shaw
Rebecca and Mark Shefcyk
Mitchell and Claire Sheinman
Stacy and Marc Shenker
David and Rhonda Shevrin
Carole Shimkus
Brett and Jennifer Sholder
Sharon and Stephen Shpeen
Lynn Shuler
Susan and Stanley Shumas
Ronnie and Larry Shusman
Joseph and Ellen Siegel
Renee Siegel
The Silnutzer Family
Jacquelene Silver and Richard Shapiro
Barbara Silverman
Gary Silverman
Michael and Debbi Silverman
Florrie Silvers
Lori and Dan Silverstein
Debbie and Howard Silverstone
Arthur and Janet Simons
Kristen Sinclair
Alan and Sharon Singer
Sheila and Norman Skversky
The Slavin Family
Roksana Slavinsky
Glenn and Juli Sloves
Brian Smith and Dr. Adrienne Hollander
David and Bobbi Smith
Wendy Smith
David and Allison Snyder
Iris and Ben Snyder
Barbara and Howard Sobel
Drs. Mark and Janine Sobel
Joseph and Marjorie* Sobel
Society of St Vincent de Paul
Doreen Solitro Guss
Larry and Barrie Solomon
Marcy Solomon
Paula Solomon
Debby Sondheim
Stephanie and Brad Specter
Jim Spero
Rita Spiegel
Jason Springer and Sarah Kaplan
Melissa and Derek Squire
Megan and Michael Staff
Marilyn and David Staiman
Lenore Starker
Harry and Marlyn Starkman
Mindy Lipson
Michael and Andrea Stein
Gladys Steinberg
Howard and Judy Steinberg
Lynsey Steinberg
Tami Steinberg
Alvin and Jodi Stern
Jennifer Stern
Richard and Dawn Stern
Sheila and Fred Stern
Jay and Doreen Sternchos
Eric and Cindy Stevens
Nathan Stobezki
Karen Stone
Studio K Photography
Harriet and Jeffrey Summers
Ann and Jon Sundstrom
Debbi and Brian Sunshine-Caine
Tara and David Sussman
Jonathan and Jennifer Swichar
Bobbi and Michael Tacknoff
Dyan Taerstein
Barbara Tancredi
Rochelle Tannenbaum
Shirley Tannenbaum
Leigh Taublib-Kiriat
Lisa and Christopher Taylor
Melody and Craig Taylor
Michael and Linda Tender
Cheryl Tener
The Testa Family
The Cherry Hill Gang
Ken and Marcia Thurman
Leslie and Peter Tilles
Craig and Staci Tinkelman
Helaine Tobin
Ronni Trainor
Anh Tran and Jeremy Lippman
Art and Stacy Treiman
Rhoda Trotenberg
Robert and Bobbie Trotenberg
Ken and Ellen Turner
Miriam and Myles Turtz
Joe and Arlene Tweett
Frances Twersky
Anahid Ugurlayan
Avrim Uniglicht
Cheryl Upham
Louise and John Urbanski
Michelle Valente
Katie Valentine
Arlene Vega
Don and Ann Venitelli
Tami and Frank Vetesi
David and Elise Vincoff
Eva Vlessing
VMware Foundation
H. Ian and Michele Wachstein
Sara Beth Walder
Barbara and Joseph Walkes
Tyler Wall
Lichun and Cherng Wang
Jerry and Linda Warner
Scott and Michele Warren
Carol Watchler
Adam Waxman
Jo-Ann and Howard Waxman
Dr. Jack and Cecile Weber
Mr. Alan and Dr. Laura Wechsler
Alan and Cookie Weinberg
Alex and Jessica Weinberg
Sharon and Jack Weinberg
Steven Weinberg
Catherine and Richard Weiner
Herb and Sheila Weiner
Rabbi Nathan Weiner and
        Mr. Samuel Warren
Randy Weiner
Bruce Weinger
Jerrold Weinger
Carol and Fred Weinstein
Robert Weinstein and Marthe Bramley
Dr. Perry and Debbie Weinstock
Jane and Donald Weisenstein
Barbara Weiss
Harriet Dunn Weiss
Linda P. Weiss and Joshua R. Matusow
Ruth Weiss
Joy Weissman
Steve and Bobbi Wenick
Joan and Leonard West
Rick and Judy Wetzler
Meryl and Paul Wexler
Rabbi Bryan and Rebecca Wexler
Beverly and Jim Whipple
Robin and Claude White
Elisa Widman
Gary Williams
Julie Williamson
Rabbi Simcha and Sari Willig
Judith Winig
Sandy Wirtshafter
Judith and Leonard Wizmur
David and Kathleen Wojcik
Daniel and Ann Wolf
Nathan Wolf
Carol and Dave Wolfe
Gary and Irene Wolfe
Steven E. Wolfe
Mark and Sherry Wolkoff
Edward Woods and
        Jennifer Dollinger-Woods
William Wright
David and Roz Wynne
Michael and Valerie Yasner
Cindy Yellin
Matthew Young
Seth and Shari Young
Donna and Bruce Zamost
Sheryl Zang
Dale Zebrick
H. Ian and Michele Wachstein
Michael Zelik
Vicki and Brian Zell
Mitchell and Jodi Ziets
Charlotte Zilversmit
Harry and Debbie Zimmerman
Matthew Zimmerman
Andrew and Stephanie Zinn
Gina Zippilli
Beth and David Zive
Esther Zoblin
Michael and Sheri Zorfass
Martin Zwerling

*Of Blessed Memory