JFCS gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our donors (those who donate up to $499). Your support enables us to maintain and expand our services and programs to the community.

Listed below are contributions made during fiscal year 2017 (10/01/16 – 9/30/17).
If we have omitted or incorrectly listed your contribution, please accept our apologies
and know that your giving is truly appreciated. 


Timothy and Margaret Abell
Beth and George Abrams
Brad and Suzanne Abrams
Dr. Stan and Shirl Abrams
Fred and Eileen Abrams
JD and Suzi Abrams
Rhoda S. Abrams
Adath Emanu-El
Adath Emanu-El Men’s Club
Adath Emanu-El Sisterhood
Rabbi Richard F. Address
Edward Adleman and Janice Smith
Shelley Adler
The Staff of Aleph Home Care
Ferne Allen
Sheldon Altmark
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Andersen
Linda and Steven Angstreich
Anonymous (31)
Janet Arnold
Jill Arnstein
Alan Askenase
Joel and Muriel Asnen
Iris Auerbach
Charles and Barbara Avner
Bruce and Edward Backman-Sullivan
Jerome and Gloria Baer
Liz Baim and Sam Bierig
Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign
Bill and Flossie Baranoff
Melvin Bard
Sheldon Bard
Lynda Barness
Arnold and Ellen Barnett
David and Stacey Barnett
Evelyn Barsky
Mickey and Chuck Bassman
Steve and Marsha Becker
Harvey Belitsky
Carol and Ted Bell
Jeff and Karen Bell
Richard and Donna Bell
Arik and Orit Ben-Ari
David Paul and Carole Ann Benbassat
Andrew and Jennifer Bender
Edward and Judy Bender
Jonathan and Sima Bennett
Alessandra Berger
Steven and Alayne Berkowitz
Fred and Shelli Berlinsky
Frederic Berman
Richard and Rebecca Berman
Larry and Bobbi Bernstein
Stephen and Ellen Bertuglia
Dr. Bonita Blazer
Jerry and Karen Bliss
Jane and Mike Bloom
Dr. Philip Bobrove
Melissa Bodie
Dr. Richard and Ruth Bogutz
Bob and Myrna Bookbinder
Robert and Susan Bookman
Steven and Allison Borenstein
Eric Brandt
Patsy Brandt* Endowment Fund
Leon and Sivia Braunstein
Anne Breikss
Susan Briglia
Dr. Ronald and Anita Brittner
Stephen and Lisa Brodack
Seth and Meredith Broder
Paul and Ruth Brodnick
Michael and Christie Bronstein
Brookdale Evesham
Alison Brotman
Jamie and Gary Brucker and Family
Randee and Jeremy Brunner
Stan and Glenda Buckman
Regis and Jane Bulman
Maxine and David Butler
Julie Cabou
David and Karin Caplin
Joyce Carlino
Mary Beth Kramer and Peter J. Celano
Enid Charen
David and Jessica Chasen
Stacey and Martin Chazin
Orin and Carrie Chein
Burt and Arlene Chernoff
Fran Chvala
Phyllis Clurman
Drew Cohen
Harv Cohen
Jay and Robin Cohen
Richard and Wendy Cohen
Stephen and Ruth Cohen
Steven and Leslie Cohen
Robin and Steve Cohn
Harriet Colby
Debra Cole
Dr. Elliot and Barbara Coleman
David and Frances Cone
Congregation B’Nai Tikvah-Beth Israel
Allan and Lynn Conrad
Jerry and Michelle Convissar
Emily Cook
Stanley and Dr. Jodi Cooper
Bernard and Jill Coval
James and Kathleen Cullen
Mitch and Nicole Cwanger
Cydney Daly
Rochelle and Jeff Dashevsky
Leonard and Sandra Denbo
Erin DeVera
Adam Dicker and Carolyn Hochstadter
Deb and Nick DiPiero
Gail and Dick Donner
Helene and Glenn Dorfman
Glenn and Gail Dragon
Ralph and Diane Dressler
Ian and Karen Driben
Mrs. Toby Dubner
Gary and Bonnie DuBoff
Norma and Louis Dubrow
Rande Dubrow
Bernard and Janis Dunn
Bunny and Ike Dvorkin
Board of Education Eastern Camden County
        Regional School District
Gary and Vicki Edelstein
Jerry and Saundra Ehrlich
Lila Eisner
Joel and Susan Elfman
Liliana Elkouss
Selma Ellis
Cindy Epstein
Dr. Samuel and Judith Epstein
Bernard and Marlene Epworth
Alan and Diana Ettenson
The Evergreens Continuing Care
        Retirement Community
Jeffrey and Reva Farenback-Brateman
Dick and Joyce Feder
Emily Feinberg
Judith Feinstein
Bob and Mariam Feist
Arlene and Bob Feldman
Leonard and Nikki Feldman
Steven and Abby Felsenstein
Doug and Mindy Fendrick
Susan and Bob Fine
Irving Finkel
Carol Fishberg
Five Star Senior Living
Harvey Flaxman
Bruce and Ilene Folbaum
Beth and Ben Folkman
Stuart Folkman
Steven and Lois Forman
Philip Fowler
Alfred and Barbara Fox
Richard and Judy Franken
Sonia and Greg Frantz
Boyd Freedman
Aron and Tova Freidenreich
Howard Friedman
Linda Friedman
Michael and Jaime Friedman
Joan and David Frischman
The Friedman Benefits Group,
        Karl & Yvonne Friedman
Barry Frost
Glenn Fuhrman
Joseph Fuhrman
Douglas and Laura Gaffney
Dr. Barry and Elaine Galman
Andrew and Lori Garber
Alan and Cheryl Green
Ernestine Green
Rabbi Andy Green and Charlene Green
Adam and Kimberly Greenberg
Robert and Marlene Greenberg
        Donor Advised Fund
Scott and Robyn Greenberg
Howard and Jessica Greenfield
Adam and Leslie Greenspan
Neal and Arlynn Grobman
Rachel Grody
Barry and Myra Gross
Fred and Brenda Gross
Eric and Laurie Grossman
Joe and Jeannie Grzybowski
David and Ruth Gubernick
Matt and Chris Gurkin
Laura Gutin
Michaelle Hall
Jay Hammel
Laura Handel
Adele Harrison
Lisa Hartman
Mike and Jamie Hartman
Drs. Yakir and Cindi Hasit
Melissa Heaney
Dorris Hecht
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Hecht
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Heft
Jean Herman
Jeffrey Herman
Ralph Herman
Roy and Dara Herman
Lillian Heyman
Terry E. Hirschhorn
Sharon Hirshorn c/o Good Company
Edward and Deborah Hochberg
Cantor Anita Hochman and Robyn Sole
Kenneth and Sherri Hoffman
Sylvia Hoffman
Jennifer Hoheisel
William Hoheisel
Larre and Suzanne Hoke
Doreen Holmgren
Dr. Lewis and Simone Holtzman
Hannah and Freddy Holzer
Benjamin Honig and Dana Ovadia
Pete, Erica, Alice and Molly Honig
Dr. Stephen and Nancy Horowitz
H. Vivianne Horwitz
Lois Housel
Dr. Richard and Michele Hunn
Steven and Caryn Hurlock
IATSE Local 917
        in memory of Shirley (Anesh) Goldstein
IBM Employee Services Center
Marc and Dawnna Isdaner
Mark and Barbara Jacobs
JCC Early Childhood Center
Jesus Loves You Church
Ian and Leila Joffe
Zelda Joffe
Wendy and Glenn Josephs
Joel and Susan Kaber
Jay and Heidi Kagan
Richard and Suzanne Kahn
Rina Kalbacher
Herbert and Betty Kane
Elinor Kase
Sam and Liza Kates
Jack and Dolores Katinsky
Fayne Katz
Howard and Janet Katz
Sidney and Sheila Katz
Ernest Kaufman
Dr. Lewis and Jo Ann Kay
Dr. Randi Kell
Kellman Brown Academy
Brittany Kervick
Arthur and Judith Kirsch
Helen Kirschbaum
Kenneth and Eva Klein
Elaine Kooperstein
Michael and Gail Koplin
Rona and Stephen Kornfeld
Leo and Joan Kozlowski
Pearl Kratchman
Jill and Jeffrey Kraus
Michael and Randi Kresloff
Scott and Eileen Kuptsow
Tula Kurtz
Alfred and Rachel Kurz
Harvey and Blanche LaKind
Michael and Betsy Lambert
Dr. and Mrs. S. Henry Lampert
Michael and Dolores Le Dent
Colleen and Howard Lederer
Heather and David Leibowitz
Lee and Melissa Leibowitz
Marty and Don Lenzi
Joe and Helene Levin
Mark Levin
Dr. Bruce and Aileen Levine
Marci and Jason Levine
Alan and Phyllis Levinson
Arthur and Evelyn Levit
Andrew and Phyllis Levitas
Dr. Warren and Becky Levy
Mrs. Sylvia Levy
Victor and Suzanne Levy
Ashley Lewis
Robert Lewis
Mark and Ricki Libeskind

Margaret Lichtenstein
Renee Rudolph Lieberman and
        David Lieberman
Ron and Jennifer Lieberman
Solis Liebman
Lincoln Financial Group Foundation
Beth Lincow Cole
Rabbi Steven and Jane Lindemann
Mark and Tricia Lochbihler
Bill* and Andi Loew
Nancy Lubars
Sheldon and Sandie Luber
Chris Lucarelli
Helene Ludwin
Shirley Malitz
Richard and Brenda Mandel
Jonathan and Rhonda Markoe
Markovitz, Starkman & Company CPAS, LLC
Dan Martin
Bruce Matez
Kenneth and Margery Maurer
Rita McAnally
Bernard McCabe
Gerry and Susan McHugh
Jodie and Jim Mcmanmon
Michelle and Brian McMonagle
JoAnn McNamee
Howard Mead
Laura Merkin and Arnold Cohen
Rita Metzendorf
Fred and Rima Meyer
Harriet Lee Meyers
Nick and Marci Meyers
Steven and Lisa Meyers
Richard and Beverly Milbauer
Milford Circle Friends
Milgrim Family Donor Advised Fund
        of the Jewish Family Foundation, Inc.
Gary and Traci Miller
Morton and Joan Miller
Myron and Elise Miller
Sharon Mindel
Robert and Jackie Mintz
John Mirrione
Dr. Donald and Deborah Mitchell
Alan and Randee Moldoff
Claire Molotsky
Sharon and Stanley Molotsky
Stephen Montgomery
Moorestown Friends School
Darin and Jamie Morgan
Edwin and Nancy Morgan
Harry and Judie Morrow
Elaine Moskowitz
Richard and Linda Moskowitz
Mitchell and Susan Mullen
Nancy Myers
Renee and Jim Nachbar
Gary and Sharon Nadler
Claudia and Lev Nazarian
Rony and Marcia Newfield
Cory Newman
Eric and Linda Newman
Jim Newman
Larry and Paula Ninerell
Scott and Patricia Noar
Edwin and Marilyn Ogen
Craig Oren
Dr. Jonathan and Carol Orwitz
Peter and Rochelle Oteri
Morton and Sylvia Oxman
Pat and Michele Pace
Renee Palmonari
Alise & Ken Panitch & Family
Dr. Edward and Carol Papish
Gary and Lori Paster
Dr. Stephen and Lynn Paul
Raymond Pekala, M.D.
Rabbi Micah and Rachel Peltz
Jean Phelps
Jerry Pitter
Leah Pleat
Jay and Sarah Pober
Joshua and Pearl Pober
Ellen Podell
Matthew and Lee Podolnick
Sue Levy-Polikoff
Gerry Popper
Practice Random Acts of Kindness
Premier Cadbury
Nancy Prendes
Walt and Renee Ramick
Donald and Francine Rebhun
Edward and Minna Recht
Camille and Michael Reilly
Thomas and Shirley Reilly
Dr. Mark and Ronni Reiner
Rob and Robin Reisman
Resort Meetings Consortium and
        the “Phathers of the Tribe”
Jesse and Jamie Richman
Bob and Estelle Richter
David and Lisa Richter
Lewis and Marcia Ripps
Phyllis Rones
Carola Rose
Leon and Donna Rose
Mindy and Larry Rosen
Stephen and Mary Jo Rosen
Rebecca Rosenau
Ann Rosenberg
Anne Rosenberg, MD
Dr. Elliott and Bonnie Rosenberg
Lee and Nancy Rosenbluth
David and Linda Rosenthal
Lenore Rosner
Rachel Ross
Alan and Cindi Roth
Dr. Ilene Rosen and Dr. Todd Rowan
Dr. Paul and Candice Rubin
Rosanne Rubinstein
Steve and Leslie Sacharow
Ellen Samost and Sally Meyer
Aubrey Samost-Williams
Suzanne Samuels
Marcy Sanders
Barbara Sandler
Maurice and Ethne Sass
Dennis and Jane Satanoff
LeeAnne Savoca
Burton Schaffer
Dr. Barry and Naomi Schimmer
Dr. David and Karen Schlessel
Mindy and Michael Schorr
Mark and Janice Schott
Rita Schuldiner
Harriet Schulman
Jessica Schultz
Betsy and Bob Schwartz
Kathleen and Dan Schwartz
Lara Schwartz
Sol and Rose Schwartz
The Schwartz Family
Tracy and Richard Schwartz
Michael and Karen Schwartzman
Pauline Schwarz
Joseph and Adrienne Seligman
Jay Several
Rivka Shakow
Rochelle Shapell
Cheryl Shapiro
Dr. Gary and Faye Shapiro
Gail and Harvey Shapiro
Lisa Levine Shapiro
Pauline Shapiro
Ed and Rita Sheehan
Lila Paula Sheingold
Dr. and Mrs. Lowell Sheinkin
Mitchell and Claire Sheinman
Michael and Deena Sherman
Murray and Susan Shipon
Judy Shorr
Judi Shoulson
Jeffrey and Nancy Shubach
Dr. Norman and Mrs. Carol Siegel
Seymour Siegel
Donna and Gary Silverman
Janet Silverman
Lauren Silverstein
Rochelle and Ron Simon
Dotti and Aaron Singer
Dr. Arnold Singer
Jordy and Linda Sitnick
Stefan Slowinski
David and Bobbi Smith
Maxine Smith
Steven Smith
David and Allison Snyder
Scott and Nicole Snyderman
Beverly Solomon
Lawrence and Barrie Solomon
Lee and Dianne Solomon
Barbara and Norman Some
Sondra and Robert Berman*
        Social Work Fund
South Jersey Men’s Club
South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center PC
Dana Spain
Stephanie and Brad Specter
Dave and Wendi Spector
Rowland and Lorelei Spector
Robert and Rita Sperling
Linda Spiegleman
Judy Spillane
Nina Staiman
Lenore Starker
Eric and Wendy Starkman
Harry and Marlyn Starkman
Marlene and Jack Steele
Ed and Judy Stein
Ina Stein
Walt and Joyce Stein
Kerry Steitz
Alvin and Jodi Stern
Jennifer and Daniel Stern
Sonny and Judy Stoller
Stanley and Francine Stoopler
Joseph* and Eliane Strip
Elliot and Becky Suchin
Renee Sutin
Ely and Sharon Swerdlin
Beverly Tanenbaum
Daniel and Shirley Tannenbaum
Lawrence and Jeannie Teller
Temple Emanuel Sisterhood
Mansion on Main Street
Carl Tinkelman
Craig and Staci Tinkelman
Stacey Tobe
Susan Tober
Herb and Toby Toll
Ronni Trainor
Susan Travis Grossman
Art and Stacy Treiman
Muriel Troy
Luciane Turkienicz
Jack and Shellie Turner
Karlene Turtz
Miriam and Myles Turtz
Elizabeth Van Dyk
Vanguard Building Solutions, LLC
Elias and Eva Vlessing
Voorhees Pediatric Facility
H. Ian and Michele Wachstein
Joseph and Barbara Walkes
Tyler Wall
Barbara Stoller Wallerstein
Florence Wallis
Frank and Cathy Wang
Scott and Michele Warren
Shelly and Paul Wasserman
Mr. Alan and Dr. Laura Wechsler
Allan and Cookie Weinberg
Marcy Weiner Lahav
Michael Weinreb
Jeanne Weinstein
Dr. Perry and Debbie Weinstock
Donald Weisenstein
Greg and Jackie Weisman
Linda P. Weiss and Joshua R. Matusow
Cynthia Wellmon
Steve and Bobbi Wenick
Rick and Judy Wetzler
Jerome Wexler and Sonni Fischer
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan White;
        Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zimmerman;
        Ms. Sandra Zimmerman
Robin White
Michael Wirtshafter
Nancy Wiseley
Daniel and Ann Wolf
Irv and Shirley Wolf
Jaclyn and David Wolf
Suzanne Wolf
Gary and Irene Wolfe
Elaine Wolk Kaufman
Mark and Sherry Wolkoff
Kit Wong
Edward Woods and Jennifer Dollinger-Woods
David and Roz Wynne
Howard and Bonnie Yares
Susan Yermish
Leonard and Marsha Yorinks
Seth and Shari Young
Larry Zack
Jamie Zeitz Cohen
Jeff Zeves
Charlotte Zilversmit
Harry and Debbie Zimmerman
Dr. Andrew and Stephanie Zinn
Jack and Dorrie Zoblin
Michael and Sheri Zorfass

*Of Blessed Memory