JFCS gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our donors (those who donate up to $499). Your support enables us to maintain and expand our services and programs to the community.

Listed below are contributions made during fiscal year 2018 (10/01/17 – 8/10/18).
If we have omitted or incorrectly listed your contribution, please accept our apologies
and know that your giving is truly appreciated. 


Barry and Robin Abelson
Carol Abolafia
Martin and Barbara Abrahams
JD and Suzi Abrams
Debra Abrams-Goldsmith
Adath Emanu-El
Rabbi Richard F. Address
Shelley Adler
Aren Alfaro
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Andersen
Linda and Steven Angstreich
Anonymous (22)
Jerry and Janice Apple
Arden Courts of Cherry Hill
Jill Arnstein
Artis Senior Living of Evesham
Scott and Caroline Austin
Automotive Rentals, Inc.
Charles and Barbara Avner
Ira and Gloria Back
David and Susan Backal
Jerome and Gloria Baer
Liz Baim and Sam Bierig
Bill and Flossie Baranoff
Melvin Bard
Sheldon Bard
Edward and Janice Barnett
Lisa and Gary Baron
Dr. Robert and Nancy Barsky
Harris and Mary Lee Bass
Mickey Bassman
Steve and Marsha Becker
Richard and Donna Bell
Carol and Ted Bell
Jeff and Karen Bell
Andrew and Jennifer Bender
Drs. David and Jodi Berg
Alessandra Berger
Steven and Alayne Berkowitz
Eric and Meredith Berkowitz
Fred and Shelli Berlinsky
Sondra and Robert Berman*
        Social Work Fund
Ruth Bernhardt
Larry and Bobbi Bernstein
Phil and Mara Bienstock
Gwen Bland
Dr. Bonita Blazer
Alan and Arlene Blocher
Jane and Mike Bloom
Charlotte Bloomberg
Dr. Richard and Ruth Bogutz
Steven and Allison Borenstein
Peter and Debbie Boyer
Sam and Yvonne Brand
Gertrude Brandsdorfer
Eric Brandt
Andy and Kelli Braun
Leon and Sivia Braunstein
Marilyn and Mike Breggar
Anne Breikss
Dr. Ronald and Anita Brittner
Heather and Josh Broad
Stephen and Lisa Brodack
Paul and Ruth Brodnick
Julian and Lois Brodsky
Dr. David and Lois Bromberg
David and Caryn Bross
Bill and Phyllis Brown
Randee and Jeremy Brunner
Stan and Glenda Buckman
Rita Bulk
Stephanie and Chuck Cahn
Camden County Chapter of Hadassah
David and Karin Caplin
Care Patrol of South Jersey
Joyce Carlino
Jeff and Staci Cedar
Center for Jewish Life
Stacey and Martin Chazin
Chefs for Seniors
Orin and Carrie Chein
Cherry Hill East Ice Hockey Club
Caroline Ciesielka
Alan and Carole Cills
Jen Coffey and Jason Melamed
Stephen and Ruth Cohen
Jeffrey Cohen
David Cohen
Jay and Robin Cohen
Jason and Carly Cohen
Jennifer and Joel Cohen
Steven and Leslie Cohen
Meredith Siegel Cohen
Libby Golden Cohen
Michael and Abby Cohler
Robin and Steve Cohn
Harriet Colby
Dr. Elliot and Barbara Coleman
David and Katherine Collins
Joya Comer
Congregation B’Nai
Tikvah-Beth Israel
Congregation M’Kor Shalom
Mrs. Florence D. Cotler
James and Kathleen Cullen
Darcy Cummings
Gayle Cutler and Rudy Dieckert
Joseph Dahan and Heather Baron
Rochelle and Jeff Dashevsky
Jessica DeBear
Debbie Deissroth
Joan Demp
Grace Denbo
Leonard Denbo
Aaron and Leslie Denker
Adam Dicker and Carolyn
Joyce Difilippo
Dara Felker Dinur
Deb and Nick DiPiero
Gail and Dick Donner
Craig and Sheryl Dossick
James and Darlene Dougherty
Ralph and Diane Dressler
Ian and Karen Driben
Mrs. Toby Dubner
Gary and Bonnie DuBoff
Rande Dubrow
Barry and Jill Dubrow
Bernard and Janis Dunn
Gary and Vicki Edelstein
Jerry and Saundra Ehrlich
Sybil Ehrlich
Frances Eisenberg
Elyssa, Howard, Myra, and
        Jared Eisenbrock
Steve and June Eisner
Joel and Susan Elfman
Robert and Eileen Elias
Selma Ellis
Dr. Samuel and Judith Epstein
Cindy Epstein
Bernard and Marlene Epworth
Alan and Diana Ettenson
The Evergreens Continuing
        Care Retirement Community
Experienced Support
        Coordination LLC
Jeff and Brenda Factor
Dick and Joyce Feder
Arlene and Bob Feldman
Leonard and Nikki Feldman
Barry and Donna Felker
Steven and Abby Felsenstein
Doug and Mindy Fendrick
Elizabeth Fetzko
Barbara Fierstein
Drs. Nathan and Karen Fink
Alan and Cheryl Finkelstein
Marcia and Rob Fisch
Lloyd and Caren Fishman
Harvey Flaxman
Steven and Lois Forman
Missy and Bill Fox
Alfred and Barbara Fox
Shirley Frankel
Richard and Judy Franken
Bonnie Friedman
Linda Friedman
Howard Friedman
Mark and Rita Friedrich
Barry Frost
Glenn Fuhrman
Vida and Norman Gaffin
Douglas and Laura Gaffney
Dr. Barry and Elaine Galman
Mitchell and Andrea Garber
Andrew and Lori Garber
Jack and Elie Garfinkle
Dorothy Garver
Carl Gassell
Robert Gatenby
Shelley and Jim Geiger
Dr. Alan and Susan Geisler
Jeffrey and Carol Geller
Pam and Ron Gellert
Margaret Gensel
Bernie and Naomi Gerbarg
Robert Gerber
Theresa Gerber
Richard and Randi Gerstein
Meredith and Michael Gevurtz
Joseph and Mary Giblin
Daniel Giunta
Lewis Glantz and Mara Lewin
Michael and Deborah Glass
Dr. Phillip and Joanne Glass
Robert and Margie Glass
Shirley Glass
Dr. Rose Glassberg
Etta Glickman
Randi and Gary Goldblatt
Wayne and Jennifer Goldenberg
Alla Goldina
Don and Sandy Goldman
Dr. Gary and Bryna Goldstein
Stuart and Jacqueline Goldstein
Rick and Lori Goldstein
Phyllis and Art Goldstein
Stewart and Harriet Golen
Dr. Bruce and Carol Gooberman
Elliot and Barbara Goodfriend
Peter and Rosanne Goodman
Robert and Irene Goodman
Dr. and Mrs. John Gordon
Diane and Michael Gorfaine
Fred and Jacquelyn Grayer
Jeff and Fran Green
Amy and Bill Green
Sharon and Ben Green
Adam and Kimberly Greenberg
Scott and Robyn Greenberg
Robert and Marlene Greenberg
        Donor Advised Fund
Rob and Jennifer Greene
Howard and Jessica Greenfield
Adam and Leslie Greenspan
Neal and Arlynn Grobman
Barry and Myra Gross
Fred and Brenda Gross
Valerie Gross
Eric and Laurie Grossman
Ray and Karen Gunther
Matt and Chris Gurkin
Joseph and Michaelle Hall
Len and Sheila Halpern
Jay Hammel
Mark and Flora Hans
Drs. Yakir and Cindi Hasit
Melissa Heaney
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Hecht
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Heft
Daniel and Amy Heitzer
Jean Herman
Roy and Dara Herman
Lillian Heyman
Terry E. Hirschhorn
Marleen Hoffman
Jennifer Hoheisel
Bonny Hohenberger
Dr. David and Renee Hollander
Dr. Lewis and Simone Holtzman
Pete, Erica, Alice and Molly Honig
Abe and Lena Horn
Richard and Ruth Horowitz
Dr. Stephen and Nancy Horowitz
Carol and Jeff Hyman
Lee and Rose Hymerling
IBM Employee Services Center
Marc and Dawnna Isdaner
Meira Itzkowitz
Mark Jacobs
Nadine Jacobson
Herbert Jacobson and
        Helene Ludwin
Jerry and Debra Janove
Kathy Jassem
Marla and Harris Jay
Jewish Business Network of
        Southern NJ
Jane Johnston
Wendy and Glenn Josephs
Richard and Suzanne Kahn
Murray Kalich
Joseph and Susan Kamerling
Dr. and Mrs. William Kamerling
Adam Kaminer
Jill Kane
Justin Kaplan
Eileen and Jordan Kaplan
Elinor Kase
Katz JCC Early Childhood Center
Fayne Katz
Judy Tripler Katz
Howard and Carol Katz
Ernest Kaufman
Dr. Lewis and Jo Ann Kay
Debra Kelberg
Carolyn and Josh Kellerman

Kellman Brown Academy
Kandie Kessler
Helen Kirschbaum
Ken, Eva and Aaron Klein
Ronald and Helene Klimberg
Stephen Koche
Gary Kodish
Jackie and Steve Komraus
Cyndee and Mitch Kotler
Harvey and Minna Kramer
Jerry Kramer
Carol Kramer
Brett and Robyn Kratchman
Linda Kronemeyer
Lorraine Kunkle
Josh Laster
Robin Lazarow
Michael and Dolores Le Dent
Shonnie Lebovitz and
        Max Taytelbaum
Kathy LeClair
Ryan Lehrfeld
Heather and David Leibowitz
Mark Levin
Bruce Levin and Elizabeth Helfer
Lawrence and Cynthia Levin
Leonard Levin
Rabbi Richard* and Judith Levine
Leanne and Sam Levine
Dr. Richard and Janet Levine
Alan and Phyllis Levinson
Arthur and Evelyn Levit
Andrew and Phyllis Levitas
Rich Levitov
Victor and Suzanne Levy
Mrs. Sylvia Levy
Michael and Arlene Lewis
David Lieberman
        Financial Services, LLC
Solis Liebman
Allison Lindemann
Rabbi Steven and Jane Lindemann
Lions Gate
Jeremy Lippman
Paul and Pam Litwack
Howard and Lynn Lomazoff
Ellen and Michael Lowenberger
Nancy Lubars
Max and Brittany Lucus
Shirley Malitz
Myra and Alan Manus
Richard and Judy March
Deanna Marenstein
Markovitz, Starkman &
        Company CPAS, LLC
Steven and Ellen Marks
Stephen and Gail Markus
Carol and Joe Marlowe
Jeff and Randie Marmelstein
Dan Martin
Gerry and Susan McHugh
Susanne and Norman McNatt
Nelson Mellitz
Edward and Shoshana Melman
Laura Merkin and Arnold Cohen
Metro Residential Appraisals, Inc.
Naomi Meyer
Steven and Lisa Meyers
Harriet Lee Meyers
Mady and Harry Meyers
Luciane Turkienicz
Hal and Susan Michels
Dr. Stephen and Lynn Paul
Robert and Nancy Perilstein
Petsmart Northeast Region
        in memory of Jacob
The Pezzella Family
Jean Phelps
Bob and Barbara Pick
Jerry Pitter
Pearl Plumer
Joshua and Pearl Pober
Ellen Podell
Sue Levy-Polikoff
Martin Raffner and Gail Miller
Jessica Rago
Marc and Courtney Raiken
Walt and Renee Ramick
Irv and Geri Ratner
Brett and Lauren Ravitz
Scott and Ferne Reber
Norman and Lynne Rednik
Abraham and Sherri Reich
Dr. Mark and Ronni Reiner
Jesse and Jamie Richman
Dr. Steven and Honey Richman
Stuart and Theresa Richter
Evelyn Robbins
Sloan and Lynne Robinson
Phyllis Rones
Leon and Donna Rose
Marci and Mitch Rose
Drs. Rosen & Dworkin, PA
Mark and Florence Rosen
Stephen and Mary Jo Rosen
Ann Rosenberg
Dr. Elliott and Bonnie Rosenberg
Anne Rosenberg, MD
Peter and Faye Rosengard
David and Linda Rosenthal
Rachel Ross
Michael and Helen Roth
Helene Roth
Sheryl Rothman
Eric and Ivy Rovner
Dr. Paul and Candice Rubin
Robin Rubin
Etta Rubinstein
Jim and Robin Rudofker
Phyllis Rudolph
Renee Rudolph and
        David Lieberman
Maryruth Ryan
Steve and Leslie Sacharow
Mo and Bari Samson
Marcos Santiago
Dennis and Jane Satanoff
Shira and Brian Scanlon
Ed and Karen Scheiner
Steven and Gail Scherzer
Dr. David and Karen Schlessel
Helen Schneeberg
Rita Schuldiner
Harriet Schulman
Alix Schwartz
Betsy and Bob Schwartz
Tracy and Richard Schwartz
Nancy Schwartz
Yola Schwartz
Sol and Rose Schwartz
Michael and Karen Schwartzman
David and Lucy Schwarz
Debbie Schwind
Amy and Dave Sclarsky
Drs. Gady and Elana Segal
Joseph and Adrienne Seligman
Becky Sendrow
Judd and Linda Serotta
Dr. Gary and Faye Shapiro
Jeffrey and Shari Shapiro
Pauline Shapiro
Gail and Harvey Shapiro
Murray and Susan Shipon
Steve and Debbie Shore
Judy Shorr
Benjamin Shpeen
Mark J. Sicinski
Benny Sideman
Ira and Marcia Siegal
        In honor of Ellen, Deborah,
        Jessica, Lisa and Eric Siegel
Larry Siegel
Scott and Abby Silberfeld
Steve and Lilly Silberstein
David and Sherry Silnutzer
Donna and Gary Silverman
Janet Silverman
Lisa Silverman
Barbara Silverstein
Michael Silvestri
Jim and Cynthia Simone
Dotti and Aaron Singer
Alan and Sharon Singer
Phyllis Sisenwine
Jordy and Linda Sitnick
Rick Sitnick
Edward and Gay Skobac
David and Jenny Slobotkin
Stefan Slowinski
David and Bobbi Smith
Jonah and Shari Smith
Kevin and Rachel Smith
Diana Soberman
Social Singles
Beverly Solomon
Lee and Dianne Solomon
Barbara and Norman Some
Jason and Amy Sonstein
Rowland and Lorelei Spector
Robert and Rita Sperling
Melissa and Derek Squire
Deena and Mel Squires
St. Clair CPAS, P.C.
Joel and Nina Staiman
Lenore Starker
Harry and Marlyn Starkman
Eric and Wendy Starkman
Ed and Judy Stein
Walt and Joyce Stein
Howard and Judy Steinberg
Saul and Renee Steinberg
Rosalyn Steiner
Gerald and Helene Sterling
Paul Stern
Richard and Dawn Stern
Alvin and Jodi Stern
Steven Stern and Fredda Sacharow
Sean Stewart
Sonny and Judy Stoller
Joseph* and Eliane Strip
Ely and Sharon Swerdlin
Shirley Tannenbaum
Elliott Tannenbaum
Ruth and Mark Tatz
Fran and Bill Taub
TD Wealth Family
TD Wealth – Margaret Preston &
        The Mighty North,
        Sherry Varrelman &
        The South Region
Temple Beth Sholom
Temple Beth Sholom
        Religious School
Michael and Linda Tender
Adam Thaler and Chelsea Moshen
Deborah and Bill Thompson
Stacey Tobe
Joan L. Toll
Herb and Toby Toll
Ronni Trainor
Art and Stacy Treiman
Turner Family
Jack and Shellie Turner
Karlene Turtz
Miriam and Myles Turtz
U.S. Trust, Bank of America
        Private Wealth Management
Domenic and Chris Vallone
Voorhees Pediatric Facility
H. Ian and Michele Wachstein
Robert and Betsy Wahlquist
Joseph and Barbara Walkes
Tyler Wall
Barbara Stoller Wallerstein
Frank and Cathy Wang
Scott and Michele Warren
Andrew Wax
Marvin and Barbara Waxman
Mr. Alan and Dr. Laura Wechsler
Marvin and Martha Weinar
Nancy Weiner and Ariana Lowe
Robert Weinstein and
        Marthe Bramley
Fred and Carol Weinstein
Michael and Michele Weinstein
Donald Weisenstein
Linda P. Weiss and
        Joshua R. Matusow
Michael Weitzman
Toby Weitzman
Cynthia Wellmon
Jerome Wexler and Sonni Fischer
Robin White
Gerry Williams
Jessica Winter
Rachel and Rich Wise
Richard Wohl
Gary and Irene Wolfe
Sandra and Michael Wolk
Stephen and Hope Wolk
Elaine Wolk Kaufman
Mark and Sherry Wolkoff
Edward Woods and
        Jennifer Dollinger-Woods
David and Roz Wynne
Bernie and Eileen Yaffa
Scott Yellin
Leonard and Marsha Yorinks
Seth and Shari Young
Ellen Young
Michael and Diane Zacharia
UTRS Friends and Family
Charlotte Zilversmit
Phyllis and Duke Zimmerman
Harry and Debbie Zimmerman
Nancy Zimmerspitz
Dr. Andrew and Stephanie Zinn
Jack and Dorrie Zoblin
Esther Zoblin
Michael and Sheri Zorfass

*Of Blessed Memory