JFCS gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our donors (those who donate up to $499). Your support enables us to maintain and expand our services and programs to the community.

Listed below are contributions made during Fiscal Year 2020 (10/01/19 – 09/30/20).
If we have omitted or incorrectly listed your contribution,
please accept our apologies and know that your giving is truly appreciated. 


Bonnie Aaron
Barry and Robin Abelson
Arthur and Roberta Abramowitz
JD and Suzi Abrams
Rhoda S. Abrams
Bruce and Judy Ackerman
Adath Emanu-El Sisterhood
Shelley Adler
Stefanie and Bryan Adler
Karen and Donald Alaimo
Danielle Algazi
Stuart and Marylee Alperin
Helene and Sidney Amster
Gloria and Scott Andersen
Jennifer Anderson
Steven and Linda Angstreich
Susan and Jonathan Anolik
Anonymous (13)
Jill and Jesse Arnstein
Alyssa Ascatigno
Andrew Austin
Scott and Caroline Austin
Bob & Anita Bank
Jerome and Gloria Baer
Bill and Flossie Baranoff
Debby Baratz
Melvin and Vilma Bard
Dr. Robert and Nancy Barsky
Douglas Barth
Mickey Bassman
Becker’s School Supplies
Abby and Robert Belafsky
Dolly Belfer
Mindy Belfer
Richard and Donna Bell
Sherry and Michael Bellino
Edward and Judy Bender
Jamie Benjamin
Eric and Meredith Berkowitz
Evelyn and Alan Berkowitz
Nina Berlin
Jodi Berman and Yaniv Ben-Natan
Sondra Berman Social Work Recognition Fund
Toby and Leonard Berman
William Berney
Alexa Birnbaum
Amy and Evan Blaker
Arlene Blocher
Jocelyn Block
Dr. Richard and Ruth Bogutz
Robert Boiarsky
Janice and Michael Bonventure
Michael and Dana Bookbinder
Grace and Michael Borenstein
Jayson Borenstein
Steven and Allison Borenstein
Peter and Debbie Boyer
Orlie Braha
Jenna Braunstein
Leon and Sivia Braunstein
Ruth and Jeffrey Brenner
Rimma and Gary Bressler
Marti and Isaac Brettler
Edith Bristol
Stephen and Lisa Brodack
Donna Broecker
Doug and Randi Brown
Shelly and Stanley Brown
Randee and Jeremy Brunner
Maxine and David Butler
Stephanie and Chuck Cahn
Campbell Soup Foundation
Kim and Rich Cantor
David and Karin Caplin
Chad Castro
Ann Catania
Bartholomew and Maria Caterino
Stacey and Martin Chazin
Carrie and Orin Chein
Robert and Anne Cherkas
Susan and Paul Cherkas
Louis Cirucci
Phyllis Clurman
Abbey Cohen
Anat and Adam Cohen
Elyse Cohen
Jason and Carly Cohen
Jessica and Michael Cohen
Lynne and Edward Cohen
Meredith Siegel Cohen
Mitchell and Ferne Cohen
Robin and Jay* Cohen
Sherrie and Jeffrey Cohen
Stephen and Ruth Cohen
Susan and Keith Cohen
Wendy Cohen-Klier
Dorothy Cohen-Oustatcher and Andrew Oustatcher
Harriet and Maxwell Colby
Dr. Elliot and Barbara Coleman
Joya Comer
David and Franes Cone
Congregation Beth Tikvah
Jerry and Michelle Convissar
CORY Communications Inc.
Stacy Steinhoff Coulter
Bernard and Jill Coval
Tracey Cryer
James and Kathleen Cullen
Naomi Cummings
Mitch and Nicole Cwanger
Albert and Aileen Cwanger
Paul & Marian D’Amico
Jean and Dean Danowitz
Ellen Dashevsky
Rochelle and Jeff Dashevsky
Lewis Dauer
Raquel and Robert DeAbreu
Debbie Deissroth
Jill Dell’Aquilo
Murray Devor
Ceil and Kolman Diamond
Marc S. Diamondstein
Suzanne Dinur
Robert DiSalvatore
Judith DiSilvio
Goldie Doman
Jeffrey and Rachael Donsky
James and Darlene Dougherty
Drs. Neil and Gail Dorfman
Mrs. Toby Dubner
Rande Dubrow
John and Denise Dunckley
Thomas and Claire Dunn
Judith Dupuis and Ken Cills
Jerry and Saundra Ehrlich
Rivkah Magnus Eidex
Frances Eisenberg
Leslie Eisenberg and Larry Marion
Susan and Bruce Eisenberg
Selma Ellis
Cindy Epstein
Dr. Samuel and Judith Epstein
Andrew Eron
Rabbi Lewis Eron and Gail Trachtenberg
Carrie and Rowland Escritor
Alan and Diana Ettenson
Hope and Ronald Ettinger
Steven Falkowitz
Joyce Feder
Jim and Shirley Feigenbaum
Patricia and Larry Feinerman
Arnold Feinstein
Jacob Feinstein
Judy and Bernie Feinstein
Arlene and Bob Feldman
Leonard and Nikki Feldman
Jodi Feldman-Gubman and David Gubman
Reta Feldman and Brian Adler
Marc and Julie Ferdas
Elsie Fernandez
Sara Fessler
Susan and Norman Fidel
Beth Figman
Alan and Cheryl Finkelstein
Elizabeth Fischer
Elaine and Fred Fleisher
Judy Flenard
Alexander W. Foote
Haley Forman
Steven and Lois Forman
Kyler and Kimberly Foster
Dr. Lawrence and Jeanette Foster
Al and Bobbi Fox
Greg and Stephanie Fox
Iris and Jonathan Fox
Missy and Bill Fox
Shirley Frankel
Natali Franzblau and Robert Singer
The Friedman Benefits Group,
        Karl & Yvonne Friedman
Dr. Nathan and Elaine Freed
Boyd Freedman
Howard and Holly Friedman
Mark Friedrich
Friend of St. Eds.
Joan and David Frischman
Barry Frost
Glenn Fuhrman
Douglas and Laura Gaffney
Daryl Gager
Debra and Avi Galler
Dorothy Garver
Carl Gassell
Dr. Alan and Susan Geisler
Marc Geller
Christine McGinley Gendelman
Phyllis Gensler
Michael and Jennifer Gerstein
Megan Gilberg
Myron and Gloria Gilbert
Bernadette Gismonde
Marci and Steven Gitler
Dr. Phillip and Joanne Glass
Nella Glick
Etta Glickman
Louis and Peggy Gold
Fred Goldberg
Herbert Goldberg
Mark Goldberg and Bruce Dexter
Mitchell and Stacey Goldberg
Sharon and Scott Goldberg
Harriet Goldenberg
Don and Sandy Goldman
Candice Goldstein
Mark and Roz Goldstein
Scott Goldstein
Stuart and Jacqueline Goldstein
Avital and Jason Goldwasser
Elliott and Barbara Goodfriend
Philip and Eleanor Goodman
Jared and Jodi Gordon
Fred and Jacquelyn Grayer
Melvin and Greta Green
Adam and Kimberly Greenberg
Robert and Marlene Greenberg
Howard and Jessica Greenfield
Adam and Leslie Greenspan
Joan Greenwald
Ralph Grieco
Fred and Brenda Gross
Dr. Andrew and Melissa Grossman
Frank and Kelly Guiliano
Myra and David Gutin
Laura Handel
Barry N & Myra M Hanish Living Trust
Tonia Harmon-Lloyd
Linda and Robert Harowitz
Geraldine and Daniel Harvey
Drs. Yakir and Cindi Hasit
Stephen and Melissa Heaney
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Hecht
Melissa Hecsh
Bruce Levin and Elizabeth Helfer
Jeffrey Herman
Dr. Marvin Herring
Asaf and Marisa Herskovitz
Herzl Hadassah
Karen and David Hess
Larry Natelson and Estherose Heyman
Deborah Hill
Elisheva Hirsch
Terry E. Hirschhorn
Kenneth and Sherri Hoffman
Brian Smith and Dr. Adrienne Hollander
Dr. Lewis and Simone Holtzman
Murray and Leni Honig
Rick and JoAnn Hussey
Carol and Jeff Hyman
Lee and Rose Hymerling
James Imbriaco
Marc and Ilene Inselman
Marc and Dawnna Isdaner
David Itzkowitz
Barbara and Mark Jacobs
Carolyn Jacobs
Glenn Jacobs
Shaindel Jacobs
Nadine Jacobson
David and Sandy Jacoby
Debra and Jerry Janove
June and Walter Jarema
Douglas Jeffery
Zelda Joffe
Wendy and Glenn Josephs
Joel and Susan Kaber
Richard and Suzanne Kahn
Sallie Kalick
Joseph and Susan Kamerling
Jill Kane
Justin Kaplan
Kathy Jassem Kaplan
Katz JCC Early Childhood Center
Betsy Katz
Howard and Carol Katz
Lori and Leonard Katz
Sidney and Sheila Katz
Debra Kaufman
Janet Kaufman
Dr. Lewis and Jo Ann Kay
Alison and Andrew Keim
Susan Kershbaum
Deborah Kerzner
Julie and Ross Ketover
Ora Kiel
Robin and Lance Kimmelman
Pat and Steven King
Helen Kirschbaum
Marilyn Kirshbaum
Nancy Klaiman
Pearl and Howard Klein
Steven and Rachel Klein
Steven Klier
Vivian and Doug Kling
       In Memory of Sylvia Zucker
Rose Kohn
Naomi Korn
Rona and Stephen Kornfeld
Freddie and Beth Kotek
Harvey and Minna Kramer
Mark and Heather Kramer
Richard and Judy Kresloff
Ronda and Stanley Kron
Linda Kronemeyer
Elyse and Michael Krug
Lawrence and Deborah Kull
Abramm Kupfer
Scott and Eileen Kuptsow
Leslie Kuschner
Herman and Lea Kuszmerski
Lacey Vision Center Inc.
Susan Lahr
Mary Larson
Carol and David Laskin
Allison and Howard Lassin
Brett and Anne Lawrence

Michael and Dolores Le Dent
Lee and Melissa Leibowitz
Joel and Rosanne Lemansky
Steven Lerman
Steve and Kim Lever
Janet and Charles Levey
Linda and Dave Levin
Susan Bass Levin
Howard S. Levine, CPA
Dr. Richard and Janet Levine
Susan and Howard Levine
Michele and Jeffrey Levine
Andrew and Phyllis Levitas
Bruce and Ellen Levy
Charles Levy
Elaine Levy
Samuel Levy
Dr. Warren and Becky Levy
Felice Li
Dr. Joe and Sandi Lichtman
Reneé and David Lieberman
Sol Liebman
Allison and Jeremy Lindemann
Al and Sue Lipson
Jeffrey and Donna Litwin
Andi Loew
Daniel Loew
Nina Longer
Ellen and Michael Lowenberger
Esta and Harold Luber
Sheldon and Sandie Luber
Diane and Lou Lucente
Arlene Ludin
Barbara and Robert Lunsk
Judy Lyons
Deborah Mains
Pam and Ian Maitin
Shirley Malitz
Ruth and Marc Manin
Larry and Judy Marcus
Steven and Lisa Marcus
Ruth Marino
Karen and Bruce Marks
Ed and Sharon Masarsky
Dana Meyers
Steven and Lisa Meyers
Bruce and Norma Miller
Cindy and Richard Miller
David and Cheryl Miller
Morton and Joan Miller
Myron and Elise Miller
Neal Miller
Rachel Miller
Karen Milrod
David and Judy Minches
Alan and Randee Moldoff
Joyce Mollure
Amy Moore
Andrew J. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore & Family
Morgan Law LLC
        Ken and Suzanne Morgan
Darin and Jamie Morgan
Nate Morgan
Ann Moskol
Elaine Moskowitz
Mitchell and Susan Mullen
Peter Muraca
Ronald Murphy
El Murtha
Lisa Nadler
Donna and Ehud Nahum
Raymond Napoli
Neighbors of Sturbridge Hill
        Front Porch Project
Vincent Neuroth
Rony and Marcia Newfield
Eric and Linda Newman
Lawrence and Arlene Newman
Larry and Paula Ninerell
Barbara & Phil Nochumson
        in honor of Laura & HJ Heller
Daniel Notterman
Edwin and Marilyn Ogen
Craig Oppenheimer
Craig N. Oren
Leona Oriolo
Dr. Jonathan and Carol Orwitz
Peter and Rochelle Oteri
Rachael Satanoff Ovitz
Laura Paley
Dr. Edward and Carol Papish
Rebecca Partesi
Manny and Nancy Pearl
Sheryl and Sanford Pearl
Judi and Howard Peltzman
Karen Pennell
Leiku Perles
William Perna
Bethany Perskie
Ellen Peskin
Jessica and Mike Petkov
Wendi Pfeiffenberger
Albert Piccerilli
Bob and Barbara Pick
Jeanne Pinkham
Amy Pinto
Maxine and Mark Pinzur
Elaine and Joseph Piontkowski
Robert Pirollo
Matthew and Lee Podolnick
Gary and Suzanne Polikoff
Tina Pollaro
Doris L. Pollock
Sam & Shari Rabinowitz
Rahmat and Esther Rabizadeh
Shawn and Debbie Ravitz
Abraham and Sherri Reich
Jill and Jeff Reichman
Robin and Ron Reisman
Stuart and Theresa Richter
Sarah Ripoli
Hinda Ritigstein
Stephanie and John Riviello
Aaron and Shira Roller
Dr. Gary and Sivya Romisher
Sharron and Lee Romm
Cindy Rone
Phyllis Rones
Julie Rosen
Mark and Florence Rosen
Philip and Iris Rosen
Richard Rosen
Stephen and Mary Jo Rosen
Rebecca Rosenau
Shira Rosenbaum
Robin Rosenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Rosof
Amy Ross
Rachel Ross
Robyn and Howard Roth
William Roth
Dr. Todd Rowan and Dr. Ilene Rosen
Perry M. Rubin
Karen and Victor Rubinson
Shirley and Morton Rubinstein
Irene V. Rudman
Phyllis Rudolph
Mary Jane and Terry Ruggles
Elaine Ruthen
Adam and Sharon Sackstein
Alan and Randi Salkowitz
Susan Saltz
Jill Samberg
Marcy Sanders
Janet and Joseph Santo
Judy Saslow and Kenneth Klausman
Dennis and Jane Satanoff
Caren and Andrew Savo
Barbara Sazinsky
Marjorie Scharf
Lawrence Schrier
Mary Schriver
Rita Schuldiner
The Jersey Schors
Harriet S. Schulman
Jacobus Schutte
Betsy and Bob Schwartz
David and Lucy Schwarz
Laura Handel Schwartz and Noah Schwartz
Lara Schwartz
Linda and Theodore Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schwartz
Sharon and Mark Schwartz
Steve and Michele Schwartz
Yola Schwartz
Julie Schwedock
Marsha and Paul Seader
Lynda Searles
Shiri Sella, PSY.D
Shera and Stuart Shalit
Gail and Harvey Shapiro
Lynne Shapiro
Theodora Shapiro
Debbie Sharnak
Ed and Rita Sheehan
The Benjamin Shein Family Foundation
Stacy and Marc Shenker
Chana Shestack
Rachel and Robert Shmuts
Deborah Shore and Jonathan Korn
Caryn and Alan Shpigel
Arlene and Bernard Shuster
Seymour Siegel
Dorothy Sienko
Richard and Lydia Silpe
Harry and Nancy Silver
Rebecca Silver
Steven and Lori Silver
Heidi and Danny Silverberg
Janet Silverman
Arthur and Janet Simons
David Singer
Dotti and Aaron Singer
Robin and Richard Singer
Stuart and Shira Sklar
The Skolniks
Carol and Louis Smith
David and Bobbi Smith
Kevin and Rachel Smith
Susan and Mark Snyder
Drs. Mark and Janine Sobel
Lee and Dianne Solomon
Paula Solomon
Southampton Township Education Association
Barbara Spector
Brian and Beth Spector
Dave and Wendi Spector
Rowland and Lorelei Spector
Carol Spelkoman
Robert and Rita Sperling
Megan and Michael Staff
Marilyn and David Staiman
Lenore Starker
Eric and Wendy Starkman
Harry and Marlyn Starkman
Ed and Judy Stein
Lyn and Howard Stein
Walt and Joyce Stein
Howard and Judy Steinberg
Jay M. Steinberg
Cynthia and David Steinbrecher
Jill Steinbrecher
Alvin and Jodi Stern
Mildred and Edgar Stern
Steven Stern and Fredda Sacharow
Helene Stilman
Karen Stone
Joseph* and Eliane Strip
Subaru of America Foundation
        Matching Gift Program
Joanne and Jeffrey Sumerson
The Sweeny Family
Shirley Tannenbaum
Melody and Craig Taylor
Sisterhood of Temple Emanu-el Closter
Terri Teitelbaum
Rita Teitlebaum
Temple Emanuel
Michael and Linda Tender
Ken and Marcia Thurman
Timber Creek HS English &
        Social Studies Departments
Hiam and Sara Tobias
Gabriel and Abby Tolchinsky
Herb and Toby Toll
Nadine & Jeffrey Tolvin
Ronni Trainor
Anh Tran and Jeremy Lippman
Art and Stacy Treiman
Rhoda Trotenberg
Frances and Harris Twersky
Louise and John Urbanski
U.S. Trust, Bank of America
        Private Wealth Management
Jeff Van Denbergh
Lisa Van Dyk
Tami and Frank Vetesi
David and Elise Vincoff
Marge Vogelbaum
Todd and Michele VonDeak
Voorhees Pediatric Facility
H. Ian and Michele Wachstein
Sara Beth Walder
Lichun and Cherng Wang
Isabel Warner
Chris and Biffy Warren
Scott and Michele Warren
Dr. Jack and Cecile Weber
Mr. Alan and Dr. Laura Wechsler
Joan Wechter
Carolyn Weeks
Heather and Norman Weiler
Rabbi Nathan Weiner and Mr. Samuel Warren
Robert Weinstein and Marthe Bramley
Seth and Stephanie Weinstein
Dr. Perry and Debbie Weinstock
Greg and Jackie Weisman
Darryl and Karen Weiss
Linda P. Weiss and Joshua R. Matusow
Leigh Weissman and Gail Forman
Harold and Mimi Weitzman
Jake Weixler
Jerome Wexler and Sonni Fischer
Sonia Wexler
Robin and Claude White
Gerry Williams
Elissa Winkelstein
David and Carol Wintheim
Jenifer Wirtshafter
Arielle Wischnia
Janet Wischnia
Susan and Marc Witte
Daniel and Ann Wolf
Gary and Irene Wolfe
Sandra and Michael Wolk
Mark and Sherry Wolkoff
Robert B. Worley
David and Roz Wynne
Howard and Bonnie Yares
Leonard and Marsha Yorinks
Ellen Young
Mark Young
Deborah Zakheim
Kathy Zawacki
Sobel and Zell Orthopaedic Associates, PA
Charlotte Zilversmit
Alexander M. and Josepha D. Zimmer
Lynn and Kenneth Zimmer
Marjorie and Richard Zimmerman
Steven Zlotnick
Nancy Zucker
Jennifer and Brian Zuckerman

*Of Blessed Memory