Bite-Size Volunteer Opportunities

For folks who don’t have time to volunteer on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, our “bite-size” opportunities allow you to volunteer in small increments (or even once a year) to make an impact. Perhaps you’d like to designate a special day each year to volunteer together as a family. Or maybe you are a student who would like to create a community service project with your class. We have meaningful opportunities for all ages. Why not share your professional expertise (legal, financial, etc.) and offer free consultations for JFCS clients? You may also hold your own food drive for our Betsy & Peter Fischer Food Pantry, hold a holiday gift drive to collect personal care items for domestic violence clients, or come up with your own special way to make a difference!

No application needed for bite-size volunteer opportunities!
To learn more,
please contact Miranda Mason at
(856) 424-1333 ext. 1178 or