JFCS gratefully acknowledges the
generosity of our Friends of the Agency!

Listed below are Friends of the Agency for Fiscal Year 2024. All names shown are
donations of up to $499 received from October 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024.

Anonymous (7)
Jane and Daniel Abesh
Steve and Tracy Abrams
Christine Adair
Rabbi Richard F. Address
Shelley Adler
Gregory Altamuro
Wendy Alter
Dawn Anderson
Atrium Financial Associates, LLC
      Andy and Joy Cohen
Sue and Eric Baelen
Bob and Anita Bank
Randi and Bruce Bard
Arnold and Ellen Barnett
Mickey Bassman
Robert and Gail Belfer
Andrea and George Belkin
Linda Benowitz
Gail and Barry Beran
Berks Court Reporting Service
Carol Lupo and Jon Beyer
Amy and Andrew Blackstone
Jocelyn Block
Dr. Richard and Ruth Bogutz
Rori Bomze
Chris and Ronit Boyd
Peter and Debbie Boyer
Joyce Lynn Branfman
Ruth and Jeffrey Brenner
Leslie and David Breslau
Alan and Sherri Breslow
Stephen and Lisa Brodack
Laurie and Scott Brown
Buddtown United Methodist Church
Maxine and David Butler
Campbell Soup Foundation
Michael Caruso
Shari and William Cave
Sandee and Robert Chalik
Rhonda Chatzkel
Cathy Chiaramonte
Ella Chick
Andrew and Sandra Cogan
Laura Merkin and Arnold Cohen
Judy and Paul Cohen
Susan and Keith Cohen
Harriet and Maxwell Colby
Beth Cook
Shellie Costello
Bernard and Jill Coval
Randolph and Linda Cranin
David Creskoff
Neal and Fran Cupersmith
Sandra Kushner and Keith Davies
Danielle Delgrego
Leonard Denbo
David Dickherber
Barbara and Kevin Doherty
Robert Hirsch and Jamie Dollinger
Craig and Sheryl Dossick
Rande Dubrow
Maggie, Ed, & Marc Duyan
Audrey Edwards
Dan & Rory Eisenstein
Selma Ellis
Wendy Epstein
Bernard and Marlene Epworth
Justin Ettelson
Alan and Diana Ettenson
Denise and Benjamin Faimon
Richard Fecteau
Judy and Bernie Feinstein
Victoria Felt
First Harvest Credit Union
Beth Fisher
Marysue and Michael Flaherty
Steven and Lois Forman
Christina and Richard Fox
Paul Francy
Richard and Judy Franken
Holly and Howard Friedman
January Frisby
June Fuimano
Eileen Gaglia
Carl Gassell
Marc Geller
Joe and Debby Gesmondi
Dr. Phillip and Joanne Glass
Garry Goldberg
Mikhail Goldin and Alla Goldin
Lynn Goldman Paul and Stephen Paul
Katharine Golia
Golkow Business Law
      Michele and Curt Golkow
Mrs. Gordon
Phyllis Gorsen
Eric Gorsen
Phil and Lauren Green
Howard and Jessica Greenfield
Susan and Sidney Greenwald
Helen and David Grimm
Jay Hammel
Cantor Rhoda Harrison
Drs. Yakir and Cindi Hasit
Stephen and Melissa Heaney
Bruce Levin and Elizabeth Helfer
Laura and H. J. Heller
Saroeuth Hen
Jean Herman
Michael Herring
Asaf and Marisa Herskovitz
Mary Hill
Robert Hirsch
Terry E. Hirschhorn
Nicole Hoffman
Brian Smith and Dr. Adrienne Hollander
Robin Homer
Murray and Leni Honig
Carol and Jeff Hyman
Joseph Ianni
Judith Ivler
Joel and Susan Kaber
Kaminer Financial Group Ltd.
Louise Katz
Louis and Fran Katz
Brenda Kerle
Helen Kirschbaum
Mr. Nevin Kishbaugh
Steven Klier
Gary Klosner
Kim and Jacob Kohn
Freddie and Beth Kotek
Bill and Christine Kovnat
Harvey and Minna Kramer
Deena Krevans

Alfred and Rachel Kurz
Jodi and Ross Laufgraben
Elise and Lewis Lazarus
Debbie Levin Kapustin
Scott Levine
Julie Levine
Arthur and Evelyn Levit
Andrew and Phyllis Levitas
Bruce and Ellen Levy
Dr. Joe and Sandi Lichtman
Allison and Jeremy Lindemann
Pamela and Paul Litwack
Robert Locklear
Andi Loew
Peter Loreaux
Jennifer Mack
Arden and Norman Magaziner
Patricia and Joel Magnus
Diana and Sidney Maletzky
Shirley Malitz
Ellen Maniloff
Ruth and Marc Manin
Janel Martin
Janeene Martin
The Martin and Nora Salzman Foundation
Linda P. Weiss and Joshua R. Matusow
Jim & Jenn Metcalf
Alan and Randee Moldoff
Stephen Montgomery
Elaine Moskowitz
Mitchell and Susan Mullen
Shana Myers-Herring
Donna and Ehud Nahum
Elisa and Alexander Nemiroff
Barbara and Philip Nochumson
Mike Norris
Karen Nulton
John O’Brien
Edwin and Marilyn Ogen
Craig & Susan Oren
Rachael Satanoff Ovitz
Past President’s Circle Fund
Manny and Nancy Pearl
Robert and Nancy Perilstein
Michael and Katherine Perloff
Jessica and Mike Petkov
George Petronis
Jennifer Picariello
Gregory Pignatelli
Diane and Paul Pliner
Ellen Podell
Barbara Polatnick
Ronald P. Rankine, Sr.
Helene Reich
Lauren Richardson
Abraham Ripps
Janet and Mark Rochkind
Phyllis Rones
Stephen and Mary Jo Rosen
Karl Roth
Randi Rothmel
Michael Rothmel
Murray Rubin
Roslyn Rudolph
Dennis and Jane Satanoff
Anthony Saura
Hillary and Steven Schoeffler
Sara Schreffler
Rita Schuldiner
Harriet S. Schulman
Lara and Eric Schwartz
David and Lucy Schwarz
Rhonda and Glen Schwarzschild
Marsha and Paul Seader
Gail and Harvey Shapiro
Ed and Rita Sheehan
Jeffrey Silver
Janet Silverman
Dotti and Aaron Singer
David and Bobbi Smith
Sherman Smith
Lauren and Jonathan Soll
Carol and Eric Spadea
Brandon Spector
Caryn Spector
Megan and Michael Staff
Marilyn and David Staiman
Harry and Marlyn Starkman
Ed and Judy Stein
Lyn and Howard Stein
Howard and Judy Steinberg
Alvin and Jodi Stern
Sheila and Fred Stern
Michael Stewart
Karen Stone
Michele and Matthew Strauss
Tara and David Sussman
Michele and Barry Susson
Herb and Toby Toll
Michael Trainor
Art and Stacy Treiman
Joe and Arlene Tweett
Frances Twersky
USA Technologies
Don and Ann Venitelli
Tami and Frank Vetesi
David and Elise Vincoff
Lichun and Cherng Wang
Jerry and Linda Warner
Joshua Warren
Joshua and Nicole Weber
Dr. Jack and Cecile Weber
Mr. Alan and Dr. Laura Wechsler
Sharon and Jack Weinberg
Lisa Weinberg Clancy
Rabbi Nathan Weiner and Mr. Samuel Warren
Herb and Sheila Weiner
Seth and Stephanie Weinstein
Jane and Donald Weisenstein
Sonia and Jerome Wexler
Robin and Claude White
Kristin Wolfe
Mark and Sherry Wolkoff
Howard and Bonnie Yares
Gary Yett
Joan Yoblick
Leonard and Marsha Yorinks
Sarah and David Zalcmann
Marsha and Allen Zechowy
Mitchell and Jodi Ziets
Carole Ziff Golub
Len Zimmerman
Jack and Dorrie Zoblin
Esther Zoblin