JFCS gratefully acknowledges the
generosity of our Friends of the Agency
(those who have donated up to $499).

Listed below are Friends of the Agency for Fiscal Year 2023. All names shown are donations received from 10/01/22 to 07/10/23. If we have omitted or incorrectly listed your contribution, please accept our apologies and know that your giving is truly appreciated.

Sheila Abdo
Jeffrey and Ruth Abrams
Adath Emanu-El Sisterhood
Reta and Brian Adler
Heather Ahrendts
Stuart and Marylee Alperin
Bram Alster
Nancy and Harvey Alter
Susan and Constantine Andrew
Anonymous (9)
Jill and Jesse Arnstein
Gloria Back
Mr. Alon Baker and Mrs. Marissa Baker
Bob and Anita Bank
Randi and Bruce Bard
Melvin Bard
David and Stacey Barnett
Andrew and Vivian Barnett
Arnold and Ellen Barnett
Dr. Robert Barsky and Mrs. Nancy Barsky
Bryna and Bradford Bass
Ellen Bass
Mickey Bassman
Janice and Christopher Bate
Susan and Jeff Beinart
Abby and Robert Belafsky
Edward and Judith Bender
Leslie Berger
Meredith Berkowitz
Toby and Leonard Berman
Jacqueline and Richard Bernard
Berwind Corporation
Jocelyn Block
Dr. Richard and Ruth Bogutz
Ilene and Richard Bomze
Janice and Michael Bonventure
Cory Booker
Steven and Allison Borenstein
Chris and Ronit Boyd
Marti and Isaac Brettler
Susan and Nick Briglia
David and Michelle Brill
Stephen and Lisa Brodack
Gina Buchman
Roberta Budman
The Burach Family
Joseph Butkus
Maxine and David Butler
Campbell Soup Foundation
David and Karin Caplin
Karen and Rustin Cassway
Chabad in Cherry Hill
Stacey and Martin Chazin
Carrie and Orin Chein
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Chesley
Cathy Chiaramonte
Cantor Jen Cohen
Mary Cohen
Nadine and Doug Cohen
Robin Cohen
Jennifer Cohen
Stephen and Ruth Cohen
Steven and Leslie Cohen
Howell Cohen
Wendy Cohen
Wendy Cohen-Klier
Robin and Steve Cohn
Arlene and Harris Colton
Congregation M’kor Shalom’s Kesher Club
Stanley and Jodi Cooper
Karin Coopersmith
Shellie Costello
Bernard and Jill Coval
Randolph and Linda Cranin
Kathleen Cullen
James Cullen
Hank and Nancy Cutler
Kathleen D’ambra
Mr. Michael Dereskewicz
Berks Court Reporting Service
Craig and Sheryl Dossick
Rande Dubrow
Sharon and Bernard Dunkel
Bernard and Janis Dunn
Brian and Beth Dworkin
Ed and Lisa Eichen
Selma Ellis
Brian Enda
Joel and Janet Enda
David and Evelyn Epps
Dr. Samuel and Judith Epstein
Cindy Epstein
Michael and Nanci Epstein
Bernard and Marlene Epworth
Allen and Barbara Etish
Justin Ettelson
Alan and Diana Ettenson
Dana and Mark Fallick
Paula and Scott Faro
Leonard Feldman
Caley Fischer
Elizabeth Fischer
Beth Fisher
Tamara Fisicaro
Gilda Forman
Steven and Lois Forman
Al and Bobbi Fox
Richard and Judy Franken
Richard and Andrea Freedman
Seth and Allie Friedman
Holly and Howard Friedman
Linda Friedman
Cary Fulbright
Douglas and Laura Gaffney
Ellie and Jack Garfinkle
Carl Gassell
Marc Geller
Gennady and Pauline Germaine
Marci and Steven Gitler
Brian Glaser
Dr. Phillip and Joanne Glass
Jane Glassman
Arlene Goldman
Hal and Samantha Goldstein
Fred and Julie Goldstein
Barbara Goodfriend
Mrs. Gordon
Jamie Grayson
Darryl and Margot Grayson
Adam and Kimberly Greenberg
Dana Greenblatt
Howard and Jessica Greenfield
John and Cara Greenhall
Gail Greenman
Adam and Leslie Greenspan
Susan and Sidney Greenwald
Joan Gremont
David and Helen Grimm
Fred and Brenda Gross
Barry and Myra Gross
Billy Gruss
Iris and Matthew Gutin
William Harrer
Jerre’ and Brett Harris
Drs. Yakir and Cindi Hasit
Stephen and Melissa Heaney
Bruce Levin and Elizabeth Helfer
Jean Herman
Roy and Dara Herman
Michael Herring
The Herron Family
Rebecca Herzberg
Ruth Hurst
Judy Hymowitz
Independence Solar
Derek and Raluca Isenberg
Judith Ivler
Barbara and Mark Jacobs
Maureen Jacobs-Friedman
JL Management
Bill and Lynn Jungreis
Ursula and Arnold Kahn
Adam and Kimberly Greenberg
Kaminer Financial Group Ltd.
Lev Katsnelson and Galina Kugel
Louis and Fran Katz
Susan Kaufman
Mrs. Joann Kay
Barry and Linda Kelly
Helen Kirschbaum
Mr. Nevin Kishbaugh
Kenneth Klein
Cyndi and Ric Kleinbart
Steven Klier
Richard and Roz Knopf
Kim and Jacob Kohn
Rona and Stephen Kornfeld
Jodi and Michael Kratchman
Alfred and Rachel Kurz
Zachary Landsburg
John Langan
Marcy and William Lawrence
Michael and Dolores Le Dent
Bruce Levin and Elizabeth Helfer
Linda and Dave Levin
Eric and Bella Levine
Margie and Louis Levine

Dr. Richard and Janet Levine
Arthur and Evelyn Levit
Andrew and Phyllis Levitas
Marlene Levy
Abraham and Marjorie Levy
Bruce and Ellen Levy
Dr. Warren and Becky Levy
Nancy and Jim Lewis
Dr. Joe and Sandi Lichtman
Deborah Lisker
Pamela and Paul Litwack
Sarah Locker
Lauren Long
Stephanie Long
John Lupiano
Rebecca MacAdams
Patricia and Joel Magnus
Shirley Malitz
Barbara and Robert Malkin
Ruth and Marc Manin
Myra and Alan Manus
Lori Marcus
Karen and Steven Marinoff
Karen and Bruce Marks
Janeene Martin
Gabriele Mastrobuono
Bruce Matez
Alexander and Jennifer Matro
Aquilla McNeal
Harriet Lee Meyers
Mady and Harry Meyers
Patti and Marc Michelson
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Lori and Eric Miller
Harriet Miron
Sandra Mizrahi
Alan and Randee Moldoff
Amy Moore
Holly and Jerry Moradi
Ruth Morwitz
Vicki Morwitz
Elaine Moskowitz
Jay and Cheryl Murphy
Danielle Murphy
Michael Murphy
Barry and Ellen Nachimson
Judy Nadell
Sharon Natkow
Beth and Behrooz Nazer
Deena Neuwirth
Eric and Linda Newman
Zanthea Nichols
Paula and Larry Ninerell
Patricia and Scott Noar
Barbara and Philip Nochumson
Shirley Nudelman
Eileen Odlen
Mr. Marte Onesty
Peter and Rochelle Oteri
Rachael Satanoff Ovitz
Lynn Goldman Paul and Stephen Paul
Manny and Nancy Pearl
Mr. Larry Pearlman
Sara Pederson
Robert and Nancy Perilstein
Richard and Debbie Perlman
Ellen Podell
Gary and Suzanne Polikoff
Jodi Pollack-Wohl
Jan Puig
Renee Ramick
Donald and Francine Rebhun
Jill and Jeff Reichman
Eugene Resnick
Valerie Ricciuti
Hinda and Jerry Ritigstein
Joe and Linda Ritzel
Janet and Mark Rochind
Sharron and Lee Romm
Phyllis Rones
Cynthia Rosen
Ilene Rosen and Todd Rowan
Joanne Rosen
Stephen and Mary Jo Rosen
Rebecca Rosenau
Ann Rosenberg
Pam and Scott Rosenberg
Ben and Mindy Rosenblum
Sheila Rosenfield
Jeanne Rosner
Mrs. Carol Rosof
Lenore Rubin
Reneé Rudolph and David Lieberman
Adam and Sharon Sackstein
The Martin and Nora Salzman Foundation
Dennis and Jane Satanoff
Barbara Sazinsky
Burton Schaffer
Hillary and Steven Schoeffler
Rita Schuldiner
David and Lucy Schwarz
Scott and Meredith Seligman
Gail and Harvey Shapiro
Ed and Rita Sheehan
Stacy and Marc Shenker
Michael Shore
Sharon Shpeen
Rita and Joseph Shrayberman
Nancy Shubach
James and Diane Silberman
Steven and Lori Silver
Heidi and Danny Silverberg
Janet Silverman
Arthur and Janet Simons
Dotti and Aaron Singer
Shannon Sirgo
Brian Smith and Dr. Adrienne Hollander
David and Bobbi Smith
Cindy Smith
David and Allison Snyder
Drs. Mark and Janine Sobel
Paula and Stuart Solomon
Carol Spadea
Caryn and Brandon Spector
Melissa and Derek Squire
Megan and Michael Staff
Marilyn and David Staiman
Harry and Marlyn Starkman
Lyn and Howard Stein
Ed and Judy Stein
Michael and Andrea Stein
Jay M. Steinberg
Ian and Michelle Sterling
Alvin and Jodi Stern
Sheila and Fred Stern
Debra Stock
Craig and Randi Stoopler
Barbara and Howard Strosberg
Laura and Richard Swartz
Shirley Tannenbaum
Temple Beth Sholom
Temple Beth Sholom Men’s Club
William Thompson
Herb and Toby Toll
Joel Toub
Anh Tran and Jeremy Lippman
Art and Stacy Treiman
Mindy Tribolet
Frances Twersky
Barrie and Sal Urbano
USA Technologies
David and Elise Vincoff
Barbara and Joseph Walkes
Lichun and Cherng Wang
Scott and Michele Warren
Wendy and Andrew Wax
Heather and Norman Weiler
Judith and David Weinberg
Steve and Denise Weinberg
Herb and Sheila Weiner
Rabbi Nathan Weiner and Mr. Samuel Warren
Amy Weinstein
Dr. Perry and Debbie Weinstock
David Weir
Jane and Donald Weisenstein
Linda P. Weiss and Joshua R. Matusow
Sonia Wexler
Jerome Wexler and Sonni Fischer
Robin and Claude White
Sarah Whitney
Sandy Wirtshafter
Jonathan Wohl
Mark and Sherry Wolkoff
David and Roz Wynne
Howard and Bonnie Yares
Yoga Revive
Leonard and Marsha Yorinks
Zeitz, Colacci, Schramm
    Wealth Management Group
    Ron and Linda Zeitz
Mitchell and Jodi Ziets
Charlotte Zilversmit
Lenard Zimmerman
Andrew and Stephanie Zinn
Esther Zoblin
Michael and Sheri Zorfass