Living life to the fullest, while residing independently in our homes, is what we all hope for as we age. JFCS 60+ Services are in place to make that hope a reality. The program offers wellness support, practical in home services, and valuable resources such as transportation and support groups to help maintain community connections. For every stage of aging, JFCS 60+ Services has a comprehensive menu of offerings which helps enrich and assist individuals.

Our staff members, social workers, and nurses excel at guiding seniors and their family members through every transition. Older Americans are leading healthier, more active lives and are living longer than ever before. With JFCS 60+ Services, you can too! Set up an appointment to speak with a social worker, who will provide detailed information on community services, including housing options.

Services & Programs

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In Home

Counseling and Emotional

Maintaining Community

For more information on In Home Services, Counseling and Emotional Supports,
or Maintaining Community Connections, please contact Rebecca Rosenau
at 856-424-1333 or