JFCS offers social work assessments to help individuals identify resources, set up in-home services, schedule appointments, and assist with sorting through mail and paying bills. Prior to COVID-19, this initial assessment was conducted in the home, and is now available virtually through various forms of telehealth, followed by three quarterly follow-up visits within a 12-month period. These visits, whether virtual or in person, are intended to monitor the client’s needs and implement services throughout the year. While there are fees associated, we do offer a sliding scale fee for assessments and ongoing case management services. After an assessment, an individual is then considered a full client and can avail themselves of additional JFCS services, including volunteer services.


JFCS offers healthy, kosher meals ($7 each) and delicious soups ($6 each) sealed in microwaveable containers. Meals can be arranged for pickup or home delivery. To order meals for the first time or to inquire, call (856) 424-1333 ext. 1162 or email


JFCS has a long-standing commitment to care for the Holocaust Survivors residing in our community.  Thanks to grants from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany the New Jersey State Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program, and private donors, JFCS provides assistance with restitution applications, social work and nursing case management, homemaker and personal care services, Kosher Catered Home Delivered Meals, transportation, and supportive counseling. Survivors’ socialization is enhanced through our monthly Café Europa programs, which feature a kosher lunch and musical entertainment or holiday programming. For an updated list of eligibility programs for Holocaust Survivors, please visit Tell Me More


Veteran clients have difficulty arranging their appointments, getting transportation to treatments, and identifying the benefits to which they are entitled. To help meet the challenges and needs of our veteran population in Southern New Jersey, JFCS created the Veterans Assistance Program, which is designed to help veterans receive the care and consideration they deserve.  Tell Me More


For many older adults, going to the doctor can be difficult, especially when trying to remember or understand all the information the doctor imparts, and then being able to follow those instructions. JFCS offers a remedy to this very dilemma: the Patient Partners Program, which pairs trained volunteers to accompany clients to accompany their medical appointments. Tell Me More


Provided in conjunction with Aleph Home Care, Certified Home Health Aides (CHHAs) and Companions are available to provide an extra hand around the home, including assistance with meal preparation, grocery shopping, and personal care assistance such as bathing and dressing. Aleph Home Care can be reached through their website or by phone at 856-685-5700.


JFCS works in collaboration with Aleph Home Care (the home care agency of Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey) to support clients with personal care or medical needs. A nursing assessment is available to ascertain individualized needs. Clients who sign up for home care are also eligible to receive pill box refills, medication monitoring, vital checks, and medical case management. Aleph Home Care can be reached through their website or by phone at 856-685-5700.

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