Shelly and Jerry Abramson
Anonymous (3) LL
Marcia BaruchLL
Steven Beilowitz LL
Patsy Brandt*

Roberta and Richard Budman, Susan Love, Sylvia and Michael Miller,
in honor of their parents, Judy and Donald Love

Andrew and Joy Cohen LL
Harv Cohen LL
Nina L.Cohen, Esq. and Karl W. Lane
Stefanie Cohen LL
Margery and Mark Dannenbaum LL
Ellen and Ron Dubrow*
Marlene and Bernard Epworth
David Farber LL
Daryl Farber
Miriam and Alan Feldman LL
Mark Fendrick
Peter and Betsy Fischer
David and Valerie Gladfelter LL
Michele and Curt Golkow LL
Dr. Samuel M. Gordon*
Phyllis Hecsh LL
Sarah Kaplan LL
Deborah M. Klein*
Andi and Neil Levin
Susan and Howard Levine LL
Fran and Leon L. Levy LL
Sis Levy
Judy Love LL and Donald Love LL
Carol Lupo
Ruth and Marc Manin
Ian and Susan Meklinsky LL
Marla and Dan MeyersLL
Joseph* and Esther Milgrim
Ann and Bernie Miller
Ellen and Brad MolotskyLL
Marjorie and Robert Paul*
Arlene and Ed PlaskyLL
Bernie and Judy Platt
Josh and Erica Reisman
Mitchell and Martha Rosenberg
Jerold and Erica Rothkoff
Gail and Bill Shane
Alison and Mark ShapiroLL
Dr. Seymour Siegel
Glenn and Juli SlovesLL
Paul StolpenLL
Allison and David SnyderLL
Sheila Wasserbach*
Alan and Dr. Laura Wechsler
James and Jennifer Weiss
Jason and Leah WolfLL
Gregg B. WolfeLL
Jennifer Dollinger Woods
Beth and Craig Wynne
Cindy Laiken Yellin LL

LLLife and Legacy
*Of blessed Memory