To help to heal and educate a community, one must be immersed in it. Throughout the year, JFCS experts and volunteers take to the streets – at synagogues, churches, schools, senior living centers and more – to host informative and engaging programs so that individuals can learn about getting help for themselves or others. Listed below are just some JFCS community outreach presentations that are available to the public. To learn about arranging a presentation for your organization, please call 856-424-1333.


“Building Healthy Relationships” is presented to area public schools, synagogues, churches, and parent organizations to promote healthy friendships and dating relationships and to raise awareness of the dangers of abusive teen relationships. The program’s goal  is to educate teenagers about creating healthy relationships so that they themselves do not become victims or perpetrators of domestic abuse. “Packing for College” is a program designed to prepare college-bound students with the tools and knowledge they will need to keep safe when away at school. We also help to train medical, dental, and mental health professionals in our area to recognize red flags of abuse and provide resources. Contact Hilary Platt at to arrange a presentation for your organization.


JFCS has partnered with one of the world’s foremost biotechnology companies, Genzyme, to raise awareness for all Jewish genetic diseases. Approximately one in four people in the Ashkenazi Jewish population is a carrier of a Jewish genetic disease. If two carriers of the same condition have children together, there is a 25% chance with each pregnancy that their child will be born with the disease.
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Right In Our Backyard is an awareness and prevention program targeting the epidemic of opiate addiction in suburban areas. This powerful outreach presentation offers a panel of two parents who each lost a child to addiction, an addictions specialist, a young adult in recovery, and a member of law enforcement.  This program is sponsored by Gregg Wolfe, in loving memory of his son Justin Wolfe, who lost his life to a heroin overdose, and the Camden County Board of Freeholders. To bring this presentation to your school, synagogue, church, or organization, contact Meredith Cohen at mcohen@jfedsnj.orgTell Me More


Some say that JFCS 60+ Services are the best-kept secrets in Southern New Jersey. However, we like to share the news with everyone! Our senior services staff can come to your office or senior living center, or can host an information booth at your upcoming senior festival. Our comprehensive presentations outline the plethora of services JFCS offers – from in-home care services, to transportation assistance and catered home delivered meals (including complimentary food sampling, so you can taste for yourself why so many 60+ individuals use our delivery services).


This Life Counts (TLC) is brought to the public through a partnership of JFCS and the Cherry Hill Police Department, to engage the community on the difficult issue of youth suicide and mental health issues. An alarming statistic reflects that since 2000, suicide rates for 10-14 year olds have doubled. Through TLC, a panel of experts provides awareness and tools for prevention, such as discussion of warning signs and protective factors, how to help those who may need it, and available resources. To bring TLC to your school, synagogue, church, or organization, contact Meredith Cohen at

Grant funding provided by Camden County Board of Freeholders.