Social and Recreational Programs


SAIL is a social and recreational program designed for young adults with disabilities who are seeking opportunities to engage in social programs, make new friends, and just have fun. SAIL is designed for the individual who does not need a lot of support at community activities but is looking for ways to socialize more.

SAIL offers a variety of activities, including some offered virtually and others in person. Virtual activities include games and discussions, while those in person can include community group trips such as bowling, movies, plays, sporting events, parks, picnics, and eating out at restaurants. The places we go are endless. SAIL members can also just hang out at our community building, where they enjoy playing games, watching movies, having potluck dinners, or singing along with karaoke.

SAIL participants are involved with the selection and planning of activities, so that programs are geared towards their interests. Participants can choose which activities they want to attend from a monthly calendar. There is a yearly registration fee to participate, with additional event fees for most activities. All activities are professionally facilitated. To learn more about SAIL, please contact Ronni Trainor at


SOAR offers fun social and recreational activities for adults who require more support in a group setting. SOAR events are led by a professional staff member, along with numerous volunteers who have been trained to work with adults with developmental disabilities. The staffing ratio for all events is approximately 1:3, ensuring that each participant gets the attention they need to fully enjoy the activity. Activities are held monthly, generally on Sunday afternoons. To learn more about SOAR, please contact Linda Newman at