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Jenna Welch

Staff Therapist


Jenna Welch is a Licensed Social Worker who received her Master of Social Work degree from Arizona State University. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. In addition to being a therapist at Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Jenna is a certified school social worker at a local high school in Camden, NJ, where she works with special needs students and provides social emotional support and advocacy throughout the district. She relocated to New Jersey in 2019 after living in New York, where she provided geriatric case management services and worked directly with families to ensure they had necessary supportive services. Jenna has several years of experience working in social service settings with individuals and families from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

In her own words: “I believe that each person has a unique story to share that is worth being heard, and I hope to provide a listening ear to whatever it is that brings clients to JFCS. I use a lighthearted, empathic approach with several therapeutic modalities and aim to cultivate a space where individuals can feel safe, cry, laugh, and process every emotion in between. I hope that I can work together with clients to build a relationship where they can feel empowered, develop a better sense of self, and learn how to best manage life’s inevitable curveballs and hurdles.”