Reservations & Hours: Call (888) 375-5558 Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm EST time. Up to 6 months in advance, you can schedule a recurring service. Envoy America provides service 24/7/365, with one-day advance notice. Make reservations by 5pm (your local time) the day prior to the service.

Cancellations: To cancel a reservation, call us or email Envoy. Envoy America won’t charge a cancellation fee if a service is cancelled 2 hours ahead of it  scheduled start time. Envoy America will charge a one-hour cancellation fee if a service is cancelled within 2 hours of the scheduled start time. 

Service Cost & Payments: 

  • Envoy America is accessible for any older adult in our community to use, however thanks to a grant from The Raymond & Gertrude R. Saltzman Foundation, subsidies for Jewish older adults (60+ years) living in Burlington, Camden or Gloucester counties are available. 

  • Envoy America will bill for the service based on the time it takes to deliver the service, with one hour minimum. After the first hour, the bill is by the minute.

  • You can have up to 4 people for the same hourly rate, which is ideal for outings with friends or going to religious services. 3 riders can fit in a small vehicle and 4 in a larger vehicle based on the riders’ comfort. Note that assisting devices, such as a walker, may be able to fit in the trunk depending on how many items all riders need at once.

  • Since Envoy America is not a pure-transportation service, there are no additional fees (pick-up fee, mileage, surge pricing, waiting, making multiple stops or tipping).

  • For services that are one-way greater than 25 miles, or services that originate between 11 PM – 6 AM or occur on major holidays: additional fees might apply. 

  • Envoy America does not accept cash, checks or bill insurance companies. The credit card on file will be charged at the end of the service. 

  • Since Envoy America is not a pure-transportation service, there are no additional fees (pick-up fee, mileage, surge pricing, waiting, making multiple stops or tipping).

  • Envoy America has relationships with various health plans that offer Medicare Advantage Non-Medical Supplemental Benefits. Please consult with your health plan to inquire if using the Envoy America service is covered under your benefits. 

Companion Drivers & Services:

  • Envoy America assigns a dedicated, small pool of Companion Drivers to each rider, family or corporate account, rather than random Companion Drivers for you/your family member every day. 

  • Envoy America will provide a pool of Companion Drivers who you & your family always feel comfortable communicating with and can rely on. Feel free to leave Envoy America feedback or preferences on the Companion Driver assigned to you or your family. 

  • Envoy America Companion Driver can wait for you. Since the Envoy America service costs are calculated based on time of your specific service, the wait time is included as part of the service.

  • The Companion Driver will come to your door, help you get into the car, stow your transfer-wheelchair or walker, carry your bags and walk you back to your door. 

  • Envoy America Companion Drivers use their own vehicles. The vehicle must be at least a 2010 or newer, four doors “senior friendly” vehicle in great condition. Envoy America has a strict policy to monitor regular maintenance and perform checks that proper inspections were completed.

Can I use your service if I use a walker, electric scooter or wheelchair? The service is designed for ambulatory servicers.

Walker: You can use the service if you currently use a walker. The Companion Drivers are trained on how to stow the walker.  

Electric Scooter: As long as you are able to transfer from the electric scooter into a car (bear weight on your feet), you can use the service. However, the vehicles are not designed to transport an electric scooter and our Companion Drivers are not trained or insured to disassemble or assemble an electric scooter. Our Companion Drivers will be more than glad to push a transfer-wheelchair if you have access to one. 

Transfer-Wheelchair: As long as you are able to transfer from the wheelchair into a car (bear weight on your feet), you can use the service. The Companion Drivers are trained to fold/stow the transfer-wheelchair in the trunk of the vehicle. However, the vehicles are not designed to transport a wheelchair that cannot be folded and stowed in a car. 

Who are the Companion Drivers for Envoy America? Envoy America Companion Drivers come from all walks of life – caregivers, teachers, mothers, veterans, school bus drivers and more. Most Companion Drivers work for Envoy America part-time. All of them have experience helping older adults, clean driving records, First Aid/CPR certified, passed a drug test, trained on how interact with people with memory & mobility issues and have passed a stringent background screen.

100% of the Envoy America Companion Drivers:

  • Consider serving older adults as a “Calling” and not a job

  • Have had experience helping an older adult who has lost their ability to drive

  • Compassionate, patient, and a good communicator 

  • Are at least 23 years old; more than 90% are between the ages of 40 and 60 

  • Have at least 3 years of driving experience with a clean driving record

  • Own a 2010 or newer “senior friendly” four door vehicle in great condition

How is Envoy America different from Uber, Lyft, taxi or other service-sharing services? Envoy America is not a pure transportation company, and the Companionship / Assistance / Transportation service the company’s Companion Drivers deliver differs significantly from Uber, Lyft, taxi or other service-sharing services in a number of ways. 

Envoy America is focused solely on providing services for older adults. The service includes Companionship, Assistance and Transportation. Because Envoy America servs older adults every day, they require extra vetting and training for each prospective Companion Driver. Envoy America does extensive checks on Companion Drivers, providing training on things that are key to helping an older adult (how to interact with a person with memory issues, how to stow a walker or transfer-wheelchair, how to help someone transfer from a wheelchair into a car, how to communicate effectively with older adults …). Envoy America also meet every single prospective Companion Driver in person or via video. They require each person to be First Aid/CPR certified and pass a drug test.