The JFCS Special Needs Program is committed to enhancing the quality of life for young adults with special needs in Southern New Jersey.  JFCS also provides support, education, and networking opportunities for family members. JFCS develops programs and services so that individuals can achieve their highest potential and lead more independent and fulfilled lives as citizens of South Jersey. JFCS is an approved vendor of supported employment services through the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS), and a qualified provider of the Supports Program through the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).


Weinberg Commons is a brand new 55+ rental community, developed in partnership with Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, currently under construction at 1721 Springdale Road in Cherry Hill. The 80-unit development will feature 72 one-bedroom and 8 two-bedroom apartment homes. Sixteen apartments will be designated for people with developmental disabilities in the form of congregate cottages. Applicants for these units do not need to meet the 55+ age requirement. All residents will have access to on-site supportive services. To learn more about the special needs housing units, click HERE.


JFCS believes that all individuals have the right to explore community-based employment as their first option. Individuals with special needs have the right to seek “real jobs” for “real pay,” and lead meaningful and productive lives by working within their community. JFCS assists with finding jobs by helping with resume writing, interviewing skills, and completing job applications. Employment specialists also help our clients be successful after they are hired by providing job coaching, and assisting with the development of natural supports at the worksite. Tell Me More


Many students with special needs leave high school without having the opportunity to explore vocational options. The JFCS High School Transition Program helps to fill this gap by offering supports and services to help prepare students for life after high school. High School districts can contract with JFCS for Vocational Assessments and Job Sampling opportunities. It is our goal to help students and families make a smooth transition from high school to adult life. Tell Me More


The goal of the TOPS day program is to provide daytime community based, social, educational, and recreational activities for adults with developmental disabilities. TOPS promotes personal growth and offers activities that enrich the mind and body while improving the social, psychological and physical functioning of the participants. Tell Me More


SAIL (Supports to Achieve Independent Living) is a social, recreational, and life skills program. It is designed for young adults who have graduated from high school, are able to work competitively in the community, have the ability to participate in group activities independently, and are open to meeting new friends and having fun. SOAR (Social Opportunities and Recreation) addresses the same needs as SAIL, but for those who require additional support.  SOAR offers its members community-based activities with their peers. JFCS also has four Special Olympics sports: floor hockey, softball, soccer and basketball. Tell Me More


This program provides culinary training to individuals with special needs, to help prepare them for a career in the hospitality or food service industry. Soups and Sweets participants will learn marketable and transferable skills that will help to prepare them for employment in a commercial kitchen. Soups and Sweets has also grown into a catering business providing delicious offerings for events and parties. Tell Me More


JFCS is proud to be the Community Rehabilitation Provider in the Kennedy Health Project SEARCH Program, which began in September 2016. Project Search is a nationally recognized one year, high school transition program which provides training and education leading to employment for students with disabilities. The program occurs on-site at Kennedy Health in Cherry Hill, and is a collaboration with the YALE School in Cherry Hill, the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) and the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).   Tell Me More

JFCS is a partner of the Jewish Abilities Alliance of Southern New Jersey.
Please visit the JAA website for additional  resources within the community.