Just one more step!
-18 and over only-

A criminal background check* is required as part of the JFCS volunteer application process. (This is not a credit check.) Our agency requires this in an effort to keep both the individuals we serve and our volunteers safe. We partner with Sterling Volunteers to process background checks. Before you click the link below,
PRINT THIS PAGE for future reference,
in case you have any problems or questions regarding this process.
Please initiate your background check by clicking the link below, creating an account, and entering the good deed code: sjfcs4y. Once you click the link, you will leave the JFCS website.

If you have any questions about the nature of the background check, or require technical assistance, please reach out to Sterling Volunteers at: Any application questions can be directed to Randi Brown at

*Information regarding a conviction record will not necessarily bar an applicant from volunteer work, but will be reviewed in light of all the surrounding circumstances, including the duties of the volunteer assignment. Factors such as age at the time of the offense, date, seriousness and nature of the offense, as well as the applicant’s rehabilitation record, will be taken into account.

Thank you for submitting your application to volunteer at JFCS!