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Gail Belfer
Director of
Holocaust Survivor
Services & Advocacy

Gail Belfer is a licensed clinical social worker who graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with dual degrees in social work and psychology. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Pennsylvania with a specialization in health and aging. As a geriatric social worker, Gail’s specialties are grief and loss counseling, life transitions, and caregiver counseling. She works with many Holocaust Survivors, offering counseling and case management services. Gail is an experienced supervisor for staff and social work students and interns, and is trained as a  certified dementia practitioner and trainer. 

In Her Own Words:  “I believe in an integrative and client-centered approach to counseling, which includes cognitive behavioral theory and strength based practice. Making a difference in individuals’ lives and having a positive impact on this community is something I am passionate about. It is an honor and privilege to play a role in enhancing the lives of seniors, helping them reach their potential and advocating on their behalf. I hope that clients will benefit from the emotional support and guidance offered during our sessions. I aim to help them learn problem solving and coping skills so they can approach future life challenges with confidence and self-worth.”