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Rebecca L. Rosenau
Director of Clinical Services

Rebecca is a licensed clinical social worker with over fifteen years of experience working with individual clients. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice, with a concentration in clinical social work. She has a strong background in advocacy, case management, and support group facilitation, with particular experience in oncology, hospice, grief, and loss. Rebecca is credentialed as a certified dementia practitioner, with a great deal of focus on working with caregivers. She is also an approved clinical supervisor for her peers, and has facilitated workshops and attended ongoing training in the areas of getting one’s affairs in order, navigating the maze of aging-related resources, dementia behaviors and challenges, crisis prevention, trauma, anticipatory grief, anxiety, depression, and life transitions. 

In her own words:  “Life’s internal and external stressors are better managed when you feel less alone. By facilitating conversations and developing positive coping mechanisms, as well as skills in self-advocacy and self-care, people are able to better face reality and plan for the future. For some, struggles are short-term and can be resolved. For others, long-term or lifelong disadvantages can be supported through an interdisciplinary approach, seeking a sounding board and opportunities to process options. By learning how to replace negative thoughts, exploring relaxation techniques, and feeling empowered to face everyday challenges and emotions, a person’s outlook can be improved and better regulated.”