Support groups allow those facing challenges to heal through shared experience

The JFCS Faye Manger Counseling Department offers a wide range of support groups that allow individuals facing life challenges to gather together and heal through shared experience. Our groups enable participants to build community, find connection with others who have experienced similar circumstances, and form supportive networks.

We will be offering three support groups starting this winter. Beginning February 15, the Low Vision Support Group is designed for those who are living with a visual impairment, including macular degeneration and other eye diseases. Participants will find solutions to their vision-related difficulties and hear from experts in the field. To register, contact Ashly Weingardt at

The Grief Support Group begins Tuesday, February 20 in person at the JFCS main office. Intended for those age 60+ who are mourning the recent death of a spouse or partner, this compassionate group provides a safe space for participants to share a myriad of emotions and learn how to integrate their loss into their lives. To register, contact Reva Farenback-Brateman at

The SARAH Supports domestic violence group begins on Tuesday evening, February 27 on Zoom. This structured group offers a safe, confidential forum where participants can share their experiences, build coping skills, find acceptance, and draw comfort from others who understand. To register, contact Hilary Platt at

To learn more and view all JFCS support group offerings, please click HERE.