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Project Rainbow Creates a Safe Haven for LGBTQ Youth

The teen years are almost universally awkward, for kids and parents alike. Thanks to hormones, teenagers’ bodies have kicked into overdrive while their brains continue developing until about age 25. One minute your teen feels scared, disoriented, and alone. The next they’re moody, clingy, guarded, and sarcastic. Adolescence is also when people really begin to […]

Shattering the Stigma: JFCS at the Forefront of Youth Suicide Prevention

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: teen suicide is on the rise. The Centers for Disease Control report that from 1999 through 2017, the suicide rate among all ages increased by 33%. This trend is particularly alarming for girls ages 10 to 14, among whom suicides roughly tripled during this time period. In the United States, […]

Fifteen Tips to Start the School Year Strong!

As our minds shift gears from days by the pool to school supplies and homework, the transition from summer to school year can be hectic for both parents and kids. While the new school year can be a time of great excitement, it can also be a source of anxiety for many families. Here are […]