March 29, 2024

Dear JFCS Family,

Sometimes you need a little bit of success to end your week. We need to hear some good news that will inspire hope and rejuvenate us for the week to come. They say that we are only as happy as our unhappiest child. There are no truer words that can be spoken. Many times, as clinicians we feel the same way. We pour our hearts and souls into the people we serve – and when they find success, it is as if we are walking in their own shoes.

Just recently, our Rhona Fischer Family Assistance Program (FAP) received a moving “thank you” email from Daniel, a longtime client with a history of drug use, unemployment, and financial struggles. We know him and his demons, and we work together to help him make positive decisions and healthy choices to stay on the right path. This client is a powerful testament to the importance of One Step at a Time, our JFCS addiction awareness and prevention program, is so important and so necessary. Benjamin Franklin famously wrote that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Certainly, in Daniel’s* case, this is true.

We have most recently worked with Daniel to find new employment opportunities and counseled him on how to succeed in his current work. I want to share with you the email we received. I hope it brings a little light into your world, as it did mine.

Dear JFCS Team,

Thank you for calling to check in on me and asking if everything is going well. I have good news. Since we last spoke, I got promoted twice and doubled my salary. I’m so thankful and grateful for your help, I couldn’t have done it without you. Once I catch up on my bills, I will try and give back. It is the least I can do to given all you have done to help me during the most difficult time in my life. Once again, I’m grateful, appreciative, and extremely thankful for all your help. God Bless 🙏🤗


Daniel’s email was a highlight of my week. I thank our FAP staff for their kindness and perseverance. I know JFCS is doing everything it can to prevent our community from falling prey to drug and alcohol abuse. I know we reach thousands of teens every year and almost 10,000 students since One Step at a Time’s inception. We are so grateful to Gregg B. Wolfe who has sponsored our prevention programs in loving memory of his son, Justin Wolfe. I hope we are doing enough. However, should someone falter and need support, we are blessed to provide all we can through the cadre of social services available at Jewish Family and Children’s Service.

Wishing you all love and peace on this Shabbat and all the days to come.

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*Name Changed to Protect Confidentiality