July 28, 2023

Since starting my role nine months ago, I have seen firsthand how our agency facilitates miracles and helps to change peoples’ lives for the better. This week, we connected with a woman who wanted to donate a new refrigerator. It turns out I knew her from my days at Temple Emanuel when I was Sisterhood President. A kind and gentle soul – to say the least.

Rather than sell the new appliance, she wanted someone in need to benefit from the gift of a donation. What a beautiful sentiment! Just 2 days later, a long-time food pantry client called us in a panic to let us know her refrigerator had broken, and she could no longer take the produce that we provide. She was beside herself with worry because she didn’t have the money to replace it.

What a wonderful opportunity to help people help others! Our client picked up the new refrigerator within 24 hours, shedding tears of gratitude for our agency and the donor. 

Sometimes we don’t realize how one small act of kindness can make such a significant difference in the life of another. Thank you for helping us make a difference every day! It certainly takes a village!

Wishing you all peace and love this Shabbat!

All my best,