February 23, 2024

Dear JFCS Family,


“Volunteers are Love in Motion.” This time together is so very important to me. Every week, I sit, reflect, and think about the important issues within our agency. I reflect on how to make our work come to life for everyone, so we can grasp the true impact of our work together.

Today, I would like to share a different kind of story. While it is always a blessing to serve our clients, it is truly our staff who make miracles happen. Their work saves and transforms lives. I want to shine a light on someone in our agency who works so hard to help those in need. With a long history in business, finance, and banking, our Director of Volunteer Services, Sherri Jonas, joined our JFCS family about seven years ago. In our conversations together, Sherri and I sometimes talk about her “why.” Why JFCS? Why now? She’ll tell me that she is here because she loves the work we do, the impact she makes, and the people we serve. I have to say that JFCS is a better place because of Sherri’s hard work and dedication.

Sherri works tirelessly to recruit, train, and place over 200 volunteers each year. She is always looking to improve our systems and works to make sure that we are using technology to help us accomplish our mission. Many people may not realize how hard she is working behind the scenes to make these things happen.

Sherri coordinates with her colleagues to make sure that food is delivered, that our clients have access and ability to celebrate their holidays, to ensure our seniors are not lonely, and to make sure that no one goes hungry. Through one-on-one volunteering and community-wide efforts like food-drives and B’nai Mitzvah volunteer opportunities, she helps our community make a difference in the lives of so many.

Several years ago, Sherri spoke to our volunteers at our Annual Celebration. She said, “You are a blessing to our seniors, to our clients with disabilities, those who can’t drive, and those who need companionship. You are the blessing for those who need meals or groceries delivered. You are the blessing for those who need help. It is a pleasure and privilege to serve the community in this role.”

Thanks to Sherri’s hard work and perseverance, we engage hundreds of volunteers every year, and in turn they serve thousands of clients and provide thousands of hours of service. However, it is because of Sherri’s commitment and dedication that many of our clients find success. It is because of Sherri that many of our volunteers are matched with their volunteer work or the clients whom they serve. And for some volunteers, their clients become their family.

According to our JFCS Board President, Stacy Asbell Levin, “Sherri has been the heart and soul of the volunteer department. She manages the complicated schedules of hundreds of volunteers and clients with care and compassion – and always with a smile on her face. I am so grateful for everything Sherri does!”

Sherri, on behalf of the JFCS board, staff, and especially our clients, we thank you.=

Wishing you peace and love on this and every Shabbat!